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A behind the scenes look at the mob that descended on Austin two weeks ago

by | Jul 12, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Allison Fine

Allison Fine

The Social Network Behind Wendy Davis” ran yesterday at the American Prospect.  The author is Allison Fine described as “the author of the awarding winning Momentum: Igniting Social Change in the Connected Age” and a Senior Fellow at a New York-based think tank.

Fine outlines what she describes as an unusually friction-free campaign by pro-choice “grassroots organizations” as they worked in the first Texas special session to successfully derail a major pro-life bill. Her hook is that non-affiliated blogger/activists (“free agents”) were crucial in motivating/facilitating the mob that descended on the state Capitol.

For our purposes, there are two things of interest. First, nobody on the pro-abortion side was “blindsided” by anything. They were there in force in the first special session to derail the bill and Fine claims the spark for massive resistance came when debate was “cut off.” (With hundreds lined up to speak, it could have gone for just short of forever.)

Nor was pro-abortion state Sen. Wendy Davis’ filibuster a surprise. “The individual activists I spoke with said that they heard through the grapevine that Davis was going to filibuster beginning on Sunday afternoon.” Given that Fine’s point is how this was supposedly a from-the-bottom up effort, she quickly adds, “but there was no direct involvement between her efforts and the organizing efforts of the free agents and grassroots organizations. When she stood up on Tuesday morning for the first of her thirteen hours on her feet, she didn’t start a movement, she brought one home.”

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Second, and more important, since this was all done under the radar, it seemed as if the sea of orange (the color of choice, so to speak, for pro-abortionists) had come together spontaneously. Fine ends her piece with this just-between-us observation: “The job of organizations is to fill the quieter times with more field building and relationship building online in order to turn once again into a well-organized crowd seemingly spontaneously again.”

The good news is that it appears as if pro-abortionists only delayed the inevitable. HB2 has passed the House and as this is being written, debate is taking place in the Senate.

And if you look on Twitter, you’ll see that there is also a sea of blue—the color adopted by pro-lifers—in Austin, Texas, and that we have been busy reminding the Movement what is stake. In case you missed it, type in #stand4life on your Twitter account and watch the action.

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