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A revealing photo essay tells us a lot about who came to Austin, Texas to fight for and against HB2

by | Jul 11, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Texas State Rep.Jason Villalba held a sonogram showing his unborn son during debate over HB2

Texas State Rep.Jason Villalba held a sonogram showing his unborn son during debate over HB2

The headline for the photo essay in the Washington Post today is “Abortion fight in complicated political terrain” and is comprised of photos of some of the key players in the fight over Texas’ HB2 along with pro-life and pro-abortion demonstrators. Taking five minutes to view these photos is very much worth your time.

The faces of the opponents of the bill, well, let’s just say I’ve seen them before. Indeed, I first began seeing them in the early 1970s, only in those days demonstrators were not paid to show up, as reportedly is the case in Texas.

Contrast the two sides. The close up photo of pro-abortion supporters that the Post used as a promo to get the reader to view the photo essay is intriguing. Every cliché you could think of—faces locked in hate, contorted in anger, and dripping in contempt for opposing viewpoints; the required “Abortion on demand without apology” sign; the lonesome male supporter (just guessing here) wondering “how in blazes did I get mixed up with these women?”—all were captured.

All the pro-abortion photos (except for those of the saintly pro-abortion state Senator Wendy Davis who led the filibuster against the bill in the first Special Session and who lacks only wings) are variations on the same theme. The funniest was one woman with her fist thrust forward in a “don’t mess with me” pose next to this giant police officer who (and I’m not guessing here) nervously eyes her, wondering what’s next?

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And the Post nicely captured the tiresome back-to-the-70s aura given off when it showed one pro-abortion Democratic state Rep. waving (you guessed it) a coat hanger. These folks are soooo creative….and so far out of touch with 2013.

When I saw the photos of the pro-lifers I thought back to the pro-abortionist we wrote about who came to the NRLC Convention and saw only nice people (who were, from her viewpoint of course, locked in the Middle Ages). The sign representing their point of view was “Pro-Women=Pro-Life.”

There were several photos either of priests carrying crosses or individuals holding crosses up high. To limit pro-lifers in this manner is unfortunate, but it also true that this, the greatest movement for social justice of our time, draws enormous strength and sustenance from people of faith.

But the most emblematic photo was of state Rep. Jason Villalba who held a sonogram showing his unborn son. Coat hangers or sonograms? Which is the most persuasive to anyone under 60?

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