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“American Story” and Pro-Lifers

by | Jul 18, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

AmericanStorybookI am literally within 15 minutes of walking out the door but I wanted to open the door a crack to talk about Bob Dotson’s “American Story: A Lifetime Search for Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things.”

As many of you know (to be honest, I didn’t), Dotson is an NBC News correspondent whose “American Story with Bob Dotson” is seen on the Today Show and other NBC News programs. He’s won a bag full of awards for his 40 years of reporting, including an Emmy.

Tomorrow I hope to expand on what I started to listen to on an audio-book as I drove into work today. But I suspect the core will not change: Dotson believes that the really interesting people are the kinds you meet off the celebrity highway, the kind who live the American values they profess without having to tweet about it (a rough paraphrase of a statement from the book’s introduction). He gave the following answer to a question from USA Today’s Craig Wilson

Q: The country you’ve sought out is the America in which you grew up. And it’s still there?

A: Yes, it is! When I started out, I was jaded, like most journalists. Then, the more I got to know people, these kinds of stories just appeared. I realized the best education I could get was just meeting people. They want to make a decent living, have a decent life, and then you understand they’re very similar to you.

Why do I mention the book—and Dotson? Now that my children are grown, I will be giving an occasional speech to right to life groups, something I gave up almost completely for the last 15 years.

I realized when I listened to Dotson that he and I are about the same age. (He said he began his American Story series on the Today show “back when the earth was cooling.”) And he and I have the same incurable optimism about the future of our great nation.

But unlike Dotson I didn’t have to travel four million miles to realize that one of the primary reasons I have faith in America are the pro-lifers I talked to at the NRLC national convention and the grassroots champions I will be meeting as I mosey around a bit in the months to come.

Honestly, I am not romanticizing pro-lifers. They are exactly what a pro-abortion plant at our convention said they are: nice, peaceable folks who care (to the pro-abortionist all for the wrong reasons, of course).

To which I would add resolute, sincere, indefatigable, and incapable of giving up.

Dotson is absolutely right: “What we dream about in America is still here and doable.”

Our dream is to return the unborn to the fold of the legally protected from which they never should have been ousted.

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