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Gov. Perry signs HB 2, Congratulations to Texas Right to Life for a job incredibly well done

by | Jul 18, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

The next best thing to being in Texas for the signing of House Bill 2 into law this morning was to read the delightful tweets and enjoy the photos of pro-life women and men assembled to cheer on pro-life Gov. Rick Perry.


To state the obvious, it took a titanic effort and nerves of steel to pass a bill to save pain-capable unborn children from abortion and rein in the abortion industry in Texas.

Pro-life Texas Governor Rick Perry surrounded by pro-lifers after signing HB2.

Pro-life Texas Governor Rick Perry surrounded by pro-lifers after signing HB2.

Pro-abortion state Sen. Wendy Davis’ filibuster, aided and abetted by an unruly mob of screaming pro-abortion partisans, ran the clock out in the first special session. It seems strange to believe now, but many abortion advocates thought they had prevailed.

They did not count on Gov. Perry who quickly announced that he was calling a second special session and would place pro-life items at the top.

Even though early on Davis admitted she could not successfully filibuster HB 2 a second time, that did mean pro-abortionists were going to quietly accept the inevitable. They were every bit as boisterous, over a longer period of time, escalating their rhetoric and putting pro-lifers in fear of their safety.

If the first go round was ugly, the second pass was ugly and ominous and threatening.

But the goal, of course, was less to defeat HB 2 in the state House and Senate than it was to capture the hearts (and sympathies) of the assembled media. The fundamental disconnect—pro-abortionists behaving like the extremists they are at the same time they were denouncing the allegedly “extremism” of HB 2—simply was ignored.

Indeed the latter was used by media accounts to justify the former. Put another way, the media narrative was that the worse pro-abortionists behaved, the worse HB 2 must be.

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We’ve reprinted the entirety of Gov. Perry’s remarks. Please read his comments for he not only explains how HB 2 is both pro-unborn child and pro-woman, he places its passage in the larger context of a growing list of pro-life measures passed by the nation’s second largest state.

In a separate post, we’ll be talking about what pro-abortionists may do in response.

In the meanwhile, congratulations to Texas Right to Life, right to lifers in Texas, and to our entire Movement for a job incredibly well done.

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