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Mercy is for Losers

by | Jul 29, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Donna Crane, vice president for policy at NARAL Pro-Choice America

Donna Crane, vice president for policy at NARAL Pro-Choice America

Last week, NRL News Today carried a post entitled, “New Washington Post/ABC News poll shows overwhelming support for ban on abortions after 20 weeks.”  There were a couple of loose ends that I’d like to tie up.

Just a quick reminder of what we explained….. there was actually a two-thirds support for a ban on abortions past 20 weeks, not what the Post reported as 56%. There were also other flagrantly biased questions, the result of which was to tilt the results.

But somehow I read so fast that I missed a quote near the end in the story written by Juliet Eilperin and Scott Clement. Although only just two words, it speak volumes about the kind of people we do battle with.

“Donna Crane, vice president for policy at NARAL Pro-Choice America, said poll respondents might have given an ‘emotional response’ when they expressed support for limiting abortion at 20 weeks.”

I’m sure Crane is thinking, “what a bunch of sniveling, bleeding heart liberals.” No, on second thought, that’s probably not what she meant to convey.

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What Crane was really saying is that it is irrational to limit abortion to any point in pregnancy—that only those thinking with their hearts instead of their heads would be stopped cold in their tracks over something so trivial as the prospect of pulling apart huge unborn babies, limb from limb.

I mean, after all, hasn’t the public learned ANYTHING? Well, yes, Ms. Crane—increasingly so when it comes to the unborn child. But Crane is right that the average American hasn’t learned the following.

That to pro-abortionists, you could propose a ban at 30 weeks—or 40 weeks–and they’d still say anyone who is in favor doesn’t understand the “science.”

That “choice” trumps every human value up to and including a gut-level abhorrence at tearing apart human beings capable of experiencing nightmarish pain.

That cruelty is a small price to pay to ensure that women’s “autonomy” is honored.

That mercy is for losers.

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