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Pro-abortion denials notwithstanding, abortion is linked with an increase in premature births

by | Jul 5, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Preemie7This is the last post for the week, so I will keep it brief. By the way, I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day.

Of all the stupid things pro-abortionists say about pro-lifers, the most annoying is that somehow (because we disagree with them) we are “anti-science.” Their fly-by-night research is supposed to go unchallenged. And never mind that often their original results were the product of pro-abortion partisans or that, even if there was SOME truth to what they said at the time, there has been research since that disproves what they maintained.

Which brings us to “North Carolina Governor to Sign Bill Forcing Educators to Teach That Abortion Is Cause of Pre-Term Birth,” a post by Robin Marty, Senior Political Reporter for the pro-abortion website RH Reality Check which I had meant to get to for two weeks. Here’s her no bones about it declaration: “There is no major medical group in the country that claims abortion causes preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies.”

Marty subsequently updated her post in two ways: (1). Attribution. “As Paige Johnson, vice president of external affairs for Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina, told RH Reality Check in early May when the bill was first introduced, there is ‘not a single national medical organization [that] recognizes a causal link between abortion and preterm birth’; (2) According to Marty, “The bill is an amended version of SB 132, which in its original form required teachers of seventh-grade health classes to tell students that abortion causes preterm birth; the new version lists abortion as a potential cause of preterm birth along with risk factors like drug and alcohol use.”

I don’t have time right now to research whether the original bill said abortion “causes” preterm abortion. If it was, it was an oversight. Why?

There are an increasing number of studies, some of them very, very recent, that show conclusively that there is LINK between abortion and subsequent pre-term births. Researchers shy away from say “x” CAUSES “y.” They instead show associations—linkages. Claims of causation they avoid.

We’re reported on several of these studies in NRL News Today. As Dr. Peter Saunders wrote recently there are “major Finnish, Danish and Scottish studies confirming the link. Now a new paper from North Carolina has reviewed all the available data on the association between abortion and subsequent increased risk for preterm and very preterm birth.” (The author of the most recent paper is Martin McCaffrey, a clinical professor of pediatrics at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, director of the Perinatal Quality Collaborative of North Carolina, and member of the North Carolina General Assembly Child Fatality Task Force.)

According to Saunders, the two standout conclusions are as follows:

1. The risk of prematurity increases, in a ‘dose effect’ with one or more induced abortions (i.e., The more abortions, the higher the risk of prematurity)

2. Abortion is linked with increased risk of ‘preterm’ birth (33-36 weeks), but it is linked with an even higher risk of ‘very preterm birth’ (VPTB) (< 32 weeks) where babies are at much higher risk of morbidities like cerebral palsy.

There are currently 137 scientific articles reporting on the link between abortion and preterm birth in the subsequent pregnancy.

Two well-designed meta-analyses now demonstrate that just one prior abortion increases by 36% the risk for a future ‘preterm’ birth and by 64% for a ‘very preterm’ birth.

How can anyone with a straight face deny that an abortion would be linked to subsequent premature babies?

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