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Pro-abortionists go on nation-wide rant

by | Jul 24, 2013

By Rai Rojas

Po-abortion Texas state Senator Wendy Davis

Po-abortion Texas state Senator Wendy Davis

Thanks in large part to pro-lifers on social media, Americans are realizing that Texas state Senator Wendy Davis did not stand for almost half a day to save a dying man. She didn’t rhapsodize about the mythical concept of “choice” for 11 hours to bring awareness to a heartbreaking disease–no, no –she stood in her well-coordinated outfit and comfortable shoes defending the rights of Planned Parenthood to maintain unhygienic and under-regulated clinics as well as demanding the continued shredding of pain-capable unborn children.

And right on cue representatives of several abortion providers, with the help of their friends in the mainstream media, could not wait for the ink from Governor Perry’s pen to dry on Texas’ new life-saving and life-affirming laws, before collectively going on a nation-wide rant.

They began with an attempt to paint pro-lifers as extremists, a claim that has been met with caution from many Americans. It appears that much to the pro-abortionist’s chagrin, the country is beginning to understand that what the “pro-choice” movement fought for in Texas was continued late-term abortion.

The more they talk, the more apparent it becomes to Americans who the extremists really are.

Now it seems they’ve begun their campaign of fear, and again, the mainstream media is quite happy to aid and abet in the distortion of facts and the promulgation of pro-abortion propaganda. Horror stories about desperate women in need of a quick abortion are popping up everywhere – from the always shrill and tragic regressive pro-abortion blogs to (disappointingly) the better-established press.

Their story line goes something like this: Women in Texas will be forced to decide on having an abortion before the 5th month of pregnancy and when they do they must go to a clean and sterile environment to have a doctor with hospital privileges perform the abortion on them.

Oh the horror of diminished profits.

They then state the tag-line to their national tour: As a result of these terrible new limits, many women will go to Mexican flea markets and start their abortions there.

Seriously, they really are saying that – and as usual, these are hyperbolic and inaccurate statements.

As my good friend Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon pointed out in a recent (and most excellent)article – going to border towns to buy abortifacients is hardly news. For years, women in southern Texas and other border states have been going to Mexican flea markets to buy the labor inducing half of RU486.

Randy explains this doesn’t happen because of restrictions – it’s because of finances – RU486 is quite expensive. He points out the dangers of this not-uncommon practice and how the manufacturer strongly and repeatedly warns against using this drug for reasons other than what it was intended and prescribed. I encourage you to please read his post (“Off-Label Abortion Pills being Sold at Flea Markets”).

However Dr. O’Bannon’s warnings and expressions of concern are in sharp contrast to one of those media outlet articles making the abortion apologist’s rounds. This one is from ABC News.

The author begins by introducing us to Dr. Lester Minto.

“Dr. Lestor Minto raised four daughters in South Texas, just miles from the Mexican border. For the last three decades, Minto, a family physician and advocate for women has owned the Reproductive Services clinic in Halingen, Texas, which performs about 1,500 to 2,000 abortions a year.”

Whoa, wait, what?

English isn’t my first language, nor is it my strong suit – I’ve always been better at math. The population of Harlingen is about 66,000 and if half of those are women, and if 65 percent of that half is of childbearing age – this clinic is aborting almost 1 in 10 of the childbearing female residents of Harligen a year – and he’s been doing it for 30!

It is not my intent to disparage or judge the character of a man who has made a good living shredding babies for 30 years – he has made his keep providing a constitutionally protected service. These numbers though would certainly qualify him as a serial abortionist.

The reporter then asks Dr. Minto what will happen after the Texas regulations are enacted and Minto immediately makes the leap that women will “in greater numbers” start “do-it-yourself remedies” by going to Mexican flea markets and buying the drugs Randy O’Bannon warned about.

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“The drug, used off-label in medical abortions, is smuggled in by relatives from Mexico to begin a miscarriage,” Minto said. “They get things started, then [sic] show up in the emergency room. It’s kind of like a cheap cure for a radiator leak. But even though I don’t approve of it, I can’t criticize it. I would probably try the same if I were in a situation like these women. You begin to discover the devil is in the details,” said Minto, who said he will either have to close down his clinic or move his practice to Mexico”

This man considers abortion to be no more than fixing a leaky car part – how dehumanizing; he admits that the smuggling of abortifacients into Texas already happens – how hypocritical; and even though he is aware of how dangerous this is, he states he can’t criticize it – how anti-woman. A bona fide humanitarian.

But it’s the last sentence that is most telling. Moving his practice to Mexico? Where? Abortion is mostly illegal in that country. If he sets up shop anywhere near the Texas border Dr. Minto will become just another abortionist in a long list of abortion profiteers working outside the margins of society. How Kermit Gosnell.

This is the type of man Senator Wendy Davis fought for – for 11 long hours.

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