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Pro-life love battles pro-abortion vitriol…and wins!

by | Jul 12, 2013







Looking over the blogs and tweets going back and forth between those for and against the Texas bill that would protect unborn babies who can feel pain, I am struck (and sometimes shocked!) by the difference in tone between the two sides.

You might have seen some of this yourself. Pro-life blogs, comments and tweets tend to be respectful, as we would expect from people who respect each and every human being. Of course, there is the occasional exception, but by and large, you can be very proud of your fellow pro-lifers and how they’ve acquitted themselves in this debate!

But I will not even try to quote some of the comments coming from abortion supporters. Personal attacks, often vile ones, set the tone. They belittle pro-lifers’ motives, degrade the experience of women who’ve been hurt by abortion, and ignore or even mock the suffering that unborn babies can experience in an abortion.

Carry yourselves proudly, pro-lifers! You’re building a saner, more respectful world, one which – despite the hostile rhetoric of the other side – has millions and millions of good, caring people who work to save babies’ lives, who want to protect mothers from unscrupulous purveyors of abortion, who adopt and love babies who need it, who pray for justice for all – including the unborn!

You make up the greatest social movement of our age. And I’m proud to walk with you in that cause!

Unfortunately, those who’ve become very adept at using all the newest tools of activist organizing are churning up the worst elements of human nature – mobs that shout down the legislative process so representatives of the people can’t vote, bloggers who call sincere pro-life activists every name in the book, even threats of violence and death threats. They must not be allowed to succeed.

This will always be an organizing battle. The side that gets their people to speak up, to write, to march, to vote – to organize – will win. National Right to Life has always been considered the premiere grassroots organizer on both sides of the abortion debate, and we can’t ever let that lead disappear. In fact, given the aggressive organizing of the other side, we must do even more – and do it better – if the babies are to be saved!

That’s where you can help. Our outstanding grassroots network is the best because of you – either because you are spreading the word, you’re organizing to help the babies win, or you’re donating to help us expand.

Can you please offer a generous gift today to help us win this great struggle for life? Planned Parenthood, one of the leading organizers on the other side, has all the resources they need, and more – they receive more than a half-billion dollars a year in government funds!

National Right to Life does not get a penny – not a penny – of government money.

That means we need people like you – you and anyone you can forward this message to – to provide the minimum support the babies need to succeed . . . to live.

Please help National Right to Life’s grassroots organizing and pro-life messaging always be the most effective in the field with a donation today of $100, or $50, or any amount you can give. Your gift could make all the difference in the world to a single child who lives because you cared.

Bless you for making National Right to Life the strong voice for the unborn that it is today – and for keeping us strong, for the babies’ sake!


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