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Texas Gov. Perry tells Fox News Sunday Texas will pass protective legislation in second special session

by | Jul 8, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. Gov. Perry, the longest serving chief executive in Texas history, announced today he would not seek re-election next year.

Pro-Life Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Pro-Life Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Anyone who might believe Fox News (especially Fox News Sunday) goes easy on pro-life and/or conservative politicians should take a few minutes to read the transcript of yesterday’s appearance by pro-life Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Sitting in for Chris Wallace, John Roberts was fair but tough, asking Gov. Perry to respond to what he has said about the mayhem that resulted in a pro-life omnibus bill being staved off by what Perry called a “mob.”

First things, first. Gov. Perry said the legislature would pass “abortion restrictions” in a second Special Session. He told Roberts

“We’re going to stand up and say that after 20 weeks, we are not going to allow abortion in our state. We’re going to make sure that these health clinics are safe, that they are under the safety standards that any other surgical facility would be under, and that doctors have admitting procedure practices in place so that they can look after someone if that procedure goes bad. So, those are common sense approaches. Ten other states have that as well. So this is going to pass, and, you know, I’m pretty good at counting votes.”

Gov. Perry also deftly dealt with how comments he’d made about the way the bill was killed in the first Special Session and about pro-abortion state Sen. Wendy Davis had been misconstrued (to be polite).

For example, Roberts asked, “Does a filibuster constitute mob rule?”

“PERRY: Oh, not at all. And I think you’re misrepresenting what I’m saying here. It was the gallery that was out of control. Literally out of control, with no ability to hear what was going on on the Senate floor. I think anyone who watched that would consider that to be mob rule.

And to do it with the express purpose of running out the clock, if you will. That’s what occurred. Filibusters happen all the time. And I suspect if somebody wants to try to filibuster again, they’re certainly welcome to do that.

“The rules were followed on the Senate floor. It was the decorum of the Senate chamber that was put in bad light, and frankly, I would suggest that the Senate officials will not let that happen again.”

Likewise, with regard to state Sen. David, Roberts played a clip from Gov. Perry’s remarks to the National Right to Life Convention held in Dallas. Perry told the audience

“She was a teenage mother herself. She managed to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School and serve in the Texas Senate. It’s just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential, and that every life matters.”

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Was that a “personal swipe,” Roberts asked? Anyone who was in attendance knew it wasn’t and Gov. Perry explained why.

“PERRY: Actually, those comments were meant to be a compliment to her for what she had accomplished in her life, and you think about where she came from, what she’s accomplished. And as a matter of fact, I would think that she’s very proud of that as well.

“My point was that saving a life and letting that life come to its fulfillment and all the good things that happened, you never know when who’s going to be considered to be an extraordinary individual who’s going to make that real impact and life. And that was our point that we were making, and nothing else, nothing more.”

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