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Why your generous, regular, sustained giving is critical to National Right to Life

by | Jul 31, 2013

By Carol Tobias, National Right to Life President

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

People give when they see a crisis, a dire need.  They give when they believe there is a unique opportunity, a fulcrum that can be the tipping point between success or failure.  They give when they are especially moved by compassion or conviction.  Maybe they give on that rare occasion when they just have a couple of extra dollars to spare.

It’s a little less exciting when there is no immediate crisis, no once-in-a-lifetime make or break opportunity, or when the issue seems to have moved to the media’s back burner.  And it’s tough when you’ve got plenty of your own bills coming due.

But if we’re going to win this fight and ultimately see the legal protection of life restored for the unborn, it is going to take regular, generous, sustained support, a commitment for the long haul, a willingness to invest all the way to the final, glorious end.

You’ve seen the polls, you’ve seen the abortion numbers dropping by around 25% since 1990.

We’ve made progress, to be sure, but it is only a beginning.

Financially we don’t have to match abortion giants like Planned Parenthood which has grown to a $1.2 billion (that’s billion with a “b”) a year corporation. That level of resources allows them to expand their abortion empire with government dollars, build megaclinics, and add webcam abortions with RU-486 to their clinic offerings. As a result, even as the overall number of abortions has diminished, PPFA’s numbers have grown to the point where more than 333,000 unborn babies lose their lives each and every year at PPFA clinics.

I wish I could say that the election of one U.S. president, the selection of one supreme court justice, the passage of one of the laws out there in the states, the expose of the horrors at one more clinic, the running of one more ad on TV, the production of one more fetology booklet, the arrival of one more pro-life celebrity could do it, but it’s going to take more than that.

Polls show, yes, the country is uncomfortable with abortion on demand, but aren’t entirely ready to ban it just yet. We must build on the foundational truth found in all sophisticated polling: a majority of the public opposes the reasons given for over 90% of all abortions!

Our opponents know we have the momentum—just read NRL News Today and you’ll see how and why– so they have been working tirelessly to entrench abortion at every level of government.  That starts with a benign public image which bears no relationship to the truth.

The media still serves as a spokesperson for the abortion establishment and a considerable number of people still see Planned Parenthood as some sort of noble provider of poor women’s cancer screenings rather than America’s largest abortion chain and most powerful abortion lobby.

Abortions are down dramatically among teens, but still troublingly high among minorities.  A lot of women are sucked in by the false promises of safe, easy chemical abortions, putting their own lives at risk as they take the lives of their babies.

NRLC’s outreach counters the heavy economic, cultural, institutional abortion push toward abortion found in particularly vulnerable demographics with media-savvy and multi-lingual programs for teens, minorities, college students, and various religious communities.

NRLC’s brochures and videos and webpages  change minds and hearts, one at a time, cumulatively impacting thousands if not millions of women and men. Our ads and media appearances serve as a critical counterweight to the endless pro-abortion blather that normally fills the airwaves.

But it means that this will not be won with one battle here, one victory there, one single election.  It will take a sustained, long-term effort.

It will take constant and continual vigilance of all the “research” put out by “special research affiliates” like the Guttmacher Institute and abortion training academies like the University of California-San Francisco. That entails training, identifying, supporting, and utilizing the best scientific minds on the pro-life side, a critical effort that takes both time and resources.

Updating and expanding all of NRLC’s many outreach programs takes a commitment of time and resources.  Not just a one-time large endowment from some foundation (though those would be welcomed), but sustained, regular, generous giving from the grassroots.

Wait for it to happen all at once and it never will.  It may take many months, many frustrating years, but continual, sustained, step by step victories will gradually turn the culture and the tide and we will see the end of abortion in our lifetime.

There will be times of opportunity when the occasion arises for a sudden, substantial gain, and National Right to Life plans to be there to press for our full advantage. But even those will not arise if there is not the  underlying, ongoing, constant preparation of education, outreach, legislation, and political activity.

If it flags or falters, those opportunities will be few and far between, and we could spend as much time making up lost ground as we do trying to take new territory.

So if you’re a regularly giving, sustaining member of NRLC, thank you!  You are a critical part of this long but crucial campaign.

If you’re not, please consider becoming a regular contributor today.  We can win on behalf of the babies.

Our opponents  have the money, they have the media, they have the elite of Hollywood, academia, and much of the corporate world in their back pocket.

We have the truth and right on our side.  And we have you.  We’ll take that any day.

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