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Pro-abortion Texas State Senator says “I don’t know what happened in the Gosnell case”

by | Aug 6, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Texas Pro-abortion State Senator Wendy Davis speaking Monday at the National Press Club

Texas Pro-abortion State Senator Wendy Davis speaking Monday at the National Press Club

There she was, pro-abortion Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, basking in the reflected glory of a thoroughly in the tank press corps. As NRL News Today discussed on Monday, Davis (aka “liberal icon”) was bathed in admiration as she talked to various journalistic poo-pahs at the National Press Club about her temporarily successful filibuster of HB 2, her rags-to-riches life story, and what office she will be running for next. (Supposedly it’s between running for re-election or for governor. We’ll see how long that limitation lasts.)

And then…trouble. The invaluable John McCormack, who writes for the Weekly Standard, asked some questions that were neither a softball lobbed over the plate for Davis to clobber nor pitches aimed squarely at Davis’ noggin. McCormack asked Davis three fair-minded questions, one of which was essentially the same question he asked House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.): “What’s the difference between…..”

McCormack was kind enough to include a transcript of the exchange in his post at

After you read their back and forth pasted in below, you can read a few observations from yours truly. The exchange ends abruptly because (as McCormack explained) Davis turned to answer a no-doubt less probing question from another reporter:

THE WEEKLY STANDARD: Senator, you mentioned in there that you support whatever the federal law is on late-term abortion, but there really isn’t a set [federal] policy, it’s state-by-state. So is there any week-limit that you could support? If it were two weeks later–

SEN. WENDY DAVIS: You know, those conversations are the kind of conversations that could and should be taking place if we didn’t see such extreme positioning. But unfortunately our Republican colleagues weren’t interested in having reasonable conversations like that.

TWS: The supporters of these bans, they argue that there really isn’t much of a difference between what happened in that Philadelphia case with abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell [killing born-alive infants] 23 weeks into pregnancy and legal late-term abortions at 23 weeks. What is the difference between those two, between legal abortion at 23 weeks and what Gosnell did? Do you see a distinction between those two [acts]?

DAVIS: I don’t know what happened in the Gosnell case. But I do know that it happened in an ambulatory surgical center. And in Texas changing our clinics to that standard obviously isn’t going to make a difference. The state of the law obviously has to assure that doctors are providing safe procedures for women and that proper oversight by the health and human services department is being given. It sounds as though there was a huge gap in that oversight, and no one can defend that. But that’s not the landscape of what’s happening in Texas.

TWS: What do you make of polls showing that a majority of women support these late-term bans? There have been a few polls–Washington Post, Huffington Post, different polls–that show women support this. What do you think of those polls?

DAVIS: I again think that a lot of people don’t really understand the landscape of what’s happening in that arena today and what an incredibly small percentage of procedures take place there, but, ah…

Let’s deconstruct Davis’s answers.

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#1. By definition laws to ban abortions after 20 weeks, by which time the unborn can feel pain, are examples of “extreme positioning.” That includes (as we see in Davis’ second answer) even abortion clinic regulation.

#2. Although the fallout from the three murder convictions of abortionist Kermit Gosnell was everywhere in the discussion (and not just in Texas), Davis purports not to “know what happened in the Gosnell case.” This is patently absurd. Even if she didn’t know the details—for example, that Gosnell murdered hundreds of viable babies (according to the Philadelphia Grand Jury report) by aborting them alive and the severing their spinal cord—Davis doubtless knew enough to pretend she knew nothing!

#3. Abortion clinics in Texas are operating so smoothly, so safely, it is not necessary to require them to meet the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers. Really? Does that even make sense? It certainly didn’t to the Philadelphia Grand Jury which recommended just that requirement.

And is Davis really unaware of an investigative story about abortionist Douglas Karpen written by the Houston Chronicle which provided not only a detailed history of malpractice claims against the Houston abortionist but also “troubling allegations of a woman’s death caused by a botched abortion as well as allegations of a late-term procedure that went awry, with a baby being born and living for six months before dying.” (See “Houston Chronicle’s breakthrough story on abortionist Douglas Karpen”). And that doesn’t even address that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast recently acknowledged a $4.3 million penalty for Medicaid fraud.  One more

#4. It is hardly surprising that pro-abortionists recycle polls that ask simplified, all or nothing questions as proof-positive the public is with them. But ask a specific question—are you up for aborting children capable of feeling pain—and over 60% say no! Davis’ response? “[A] lot of people don’t really understand the landscape of what’s happening in that arena today and what an incredibly small percentage of procedures take place there, but, ah…”

Get it? Now the public is too stupid to get it—and besides, abortions after 20 weeks represent “an incredibly small percentage.” Had she allowed McCormack to ask a follow-up, no doubt Davis would have tacked on that the “incredibly small percentage” are all for the hardest of hard case, even though pro-abortionists own research proves otherwise. (See “31.4% of women who’d had second-trimester abortion had at least one prior second-trimester abortion,”

Hats off to Mr. McCormack.

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