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Summer is a slower time for many, but tragically the killing of babies doesn’t slow a bit

by | Aug 8, 2013

Unbornbaby75The work we do at National Right to Life to save lives – the education, outreach, and policy work – has a cost to it. It takes your help for us to advertise, activate the grassroots, and lobby to pass life-saving laws like the recently passed Texas law that will protect unborn babies from abortion when those babies can feel pain.

But the funds we need to do this crucial work slow down – even dry up a bit – in the summer. The members and families who support us with their individual donations are away on vacations, summer activities take up people’s attention – so donations drop off significantly.

If abortions dropped off in the summer, too, we’d rejoice! But they don’t. Abortion mills like Planned Parenthood continue to kill babies apace – some 330,000 a year by that one organization alone! For Planned Parenthood, summer is every bit as much a killing season as winter, fall, or spring.

So in the summer, we have every bit as much work to do, but with less funds to do it. Please help National Right to Life fight back with of all our potential might for the rest of this summer with an extra generous donation to help the unborn. Please consider a gift of $1,000, or $500, or $100 towards our summer work. A gift of any amount will help!

And please also consider, when you click the link below to give, helping us stay strong ALL year long by choosing one of the sustaining giving options. By clicking the drop down under “frequency,” you can choose to make monthly or quarterly donations that not only fit your budget, but that help even out our own budget at National Right to Life throughout the year.

Please help, so no baby has to die this summer – or fall, or any time – because we don’t have the funds to save her life.

btn-donate-250-roundThank you!

carol-tobias-sigpicFor their Lives,
Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President

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