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Another pro-abortion lament that there are not enough opportunities to teach young doctors how to perform abortion

by | Sep 13, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

prolifegraduateThey are as regular as cicadas. If only they came every 17 years!

I am referring to the laments that “abortion education” is (choose your word but something along the lines of) “suffering.”

Enter a report from the pro-abortion Thomas Reuters Foundation which summarizes the many and various reasons that are “further eroding medical students’ already limited opportunities to study abortion in medical school,” as the pro-abortion National Partnership summarized the findings today.

Well down in the Foundation story (which clearly relied heavily on “Medical Students for Choice” and the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute) we read about some of the customary explanations for the declining number of abortionists: at the medical school level “education about abortion is still minimal and can be controversial. Interest in abortion education is sometimes frowned upon by professors.”

Near the very end, we also find “physicians who provide abortion services face stigma” and “being ostracized from their family, their community.”

But there are newer pressures, according to the Foundation, or an expansion of older ones. For example, a growing number of states are requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges in a local hospital, in case there are emergencies. And, in light of Kermit Gosnell, abortion clinics are being required, at a minimum, to upgrade their facilities.

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Other developments , which the Foundation clearly laments, are that some state medical schools and university hospitals “are shying away from providing the procedure by terminating partnerships–called transfer agreements–with outside abortion providers.”

Not that it’s all bad news, from the pro-abortion perspective.

“At the residency level, however, ‘there has been actually a dramatic increase in training opportunities available not just in obstetrics-gynecology residency programmes but also in family practice residency programmes,’ said Vicki Saporta, president and chief executive officer of the National Abortion Foundation.

“Along with ACGME [Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education] requirements, abortion education at the residency level has also been boosted by the creation of such programmes as the Kenneth J. Ryan residency programme and the post-residency Family Planning Fellowship, which finances fellowships that include abortion training for young physicians.”

You can read the story at What they lament, of course, we rejoice, including that

* “97 percent of family practice residents and 36 percent of obstetrics-gynecology residents have no experience in first trimester abortion procedures; and

* 57 percent of current abortion providers are over the age of 50.”

Good. “Abortion education” should always be relegated to the periphery.

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