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Dayton man shoots twice at girlfriend who refused to abort

by | Sep 17, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Tanner Hopkins

Tanner Hopkins

This latest story, which alleges that a 23-year-old man shot his pregnant girlfriend who refused to abort, is only the latest example of women being shot at, murdered, thrown down stairs, duped into taking chemical abortifacients, and even being the victims of hired hit men. Fortunately, in this instance, the unnamed victim was unharmed.

Police in Dayton, Ohio, say late last Sunday night Tanner Hopkins drove up beside the car his 18-year-old girl friend was driving “and fired two shots without saying a word,” according to WHIO TV. “The woman was not hurt….The victim reported that Hopkins has insisted she get an abortion and he’s mad because she refuses to do that, according to the [police] report.”

Police tracked Hopkins to his mother’s house “where officers found him in bed with another young woman. An officer then found the alleged weapon used in the incident, a Raven Arms P25, in the suspect’s shorts lying on the floor, police said.”

According to the Dayton police report Hopkins was booked on suspicion of felonious assault and weapons charges. WHIO reported that “Hopkins was previously convicted of felonious assault in 2009, according to court record.”

To the television station’s credit, they correctly described the woman as “An expectant mother.”

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