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Ferguson pulls plug on Hillary Clinton Documentary

by | Sep 30, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Pro-abortion former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Most everyone who is not a huge fan of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assumed that two proposed broadcast-network entertainment projects scheduled to appear just about the time of the 2016 presidential primaries were just agit-prop for the pro-abortion wife of pro-abortion former President Bill Clinton.

One enterprise—a planned miniseries starring Diane Lane—“is still in development — though Fox TV Studios [not to be confused with Fox News] has announced that it will not produce the special,” according to Inside CNN.

But the second project—to be directed by Academy Award winner Charles Ferguson for CNN–has been cancelled, according to a lengthy article Ferguson wrote for the Huffington Post (“Why I Am Cancelling My Documentary on Hillary Clinton”).

There are lots of reasons Ferguson offers for his decision (he finds lots of parties to criticize). For our purposes, the most revealing development was the stonewall he ran into, which included parties you would not expect.

“Nobody was interested in helping me make this film,” Ferguson wrote, “and certainly nobody who works with the Clintons, wants access to the Clintons, or dreams of a position in a Hillary Clinton administration. “ And the non-helpers, he continued, included

“journalists who want access [to a Hillary Clinton administration], which can easily be taken away. I even sensed potential difficulty in licensing archival footage from CBN (Pat Robertson) and from Fox. After approaching well over a hundred people, only two persons who had ever dealt with Mrs. Clinton would agree to an on-camera interview, and I suspected that even they would back out.”

Ferguson came to see the Clintons in a highly unfavorable light. If you are not old enough to remember the scandals that preceded Bill Clinton’s election to the White House and the many that followed, read this piece. It is by no means a hatchet job, but Ferguson’s eyes were opened. (And I’m not even addressing the less-than-subtle attempts by Clinton sympathizers to intimidate Ferguson.)

You could easy see what happened as a kind of canary in the mineshaft warning about how the press would handle a Hillary Clinton presidency. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey concludes

“Ferguson makes sure to inform us, and he writes that his forced withdrawal is no victory for the media.

“That sets up an entirely different question. If the media is this intimidated by Hillary Clinton as a former Secretary of State, what would they be like in a Hillary Clinton presidency? And what does this tell us about the media’s performance during the Bill Clinton presidency? Perhaps the media should be warning us of this kind of manipulation rather than being silent about it in hopes for better access during a future period where the Clintons once again have their hands on the lever of power at the highest levels. Ferguson just did so — will other journalists do the same?”

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