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Harshest pro-abortion criticism reserved for those who have left the abortion industry

by | Sep 13, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

CrowafterRoeNaturally my eye was caught by the title the pro-abortion author, Robin Marty, gave to her essay: “I Read a Bunch of Anti-Choice Memoirs So You Don’t Have To.” I read a lot of anti-life material so YOU don’t have to.

As a matter of fact I read a lot of Marty, whose work I most often see at Going from best (in a manner of speaking) to worst, you could say her opinion pieces range from not bad, to recycled abortion-speak, to incredibly myopic.

Marty, who has co-authored a book which they no doubt think is cleverly titled (“Crow After Roe: How ‘Separate But Equal’ Has Become the New Standard In Women’s Health And How We Can Change That”), tells her readers that she is frequently asked “how I always know so much about what abortion opponents are thinking.”

Her answer is she’s reads “right wing literature,” indeed, “everything.” She then proceeds to offer synopses of three (presumably representative) pro-life books, one old, two new. Of course, all are awful but there is one that is the best of the awful. I have not read that book

I have read the other two. The one Marty bashes with the most enthusiasm is the one that she skewers with her favorite anti-pro-life polemics. The other Marty dismisses as “how could anyone believe this nonsense?”

It’s, of course, no accident that these two were written by women who made their way out of the abortion business. They MUST be trashed for telling the truth about how the abortion industry really works.

But this back-of-the-hand treatment no longer washes at a time of Kermit Gosnell and the truth-telling of avowedly “pro-choice” women who blew the whistle on Planned Parenthood clinics in Delaware—to name just two.

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