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Obama approval plummets to 43%, ObamaCare remains deeply unpopular on eve of open enrollment in “exchanges”

by | Sep 26, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Headline092613reI sure wish I could find the quote. It appeared in 2010 and the nub of this comment from a Democratic operative was that whatever people thought of ObamaCare then, they would learn to like/love it as it unrolled.

THAT decidedly has not been the case, and is a part of the reason President Obama’s approval ratings have sunk 43%, according to a CBS News/New York Times Poll released yesterday, with 49% disapproving (the highest figure in two years).

Women’s approval of the President has declined 6 points from September to 41%. Likewise overall approval of the President’s handling of the economy has also dipped to 41% but in just the last two weeks.

The President is out and about today touting ObamaCare five days before open enrollment begins for the “exchanges” mandated by the “Affordable Care Act.” He has an uphill fight.

“Perceptions of the law [ObamaCare], however, have been negative since it passed in 2010,” according to CBS News. “The latest CBS News/New York Times poll shows that 51 percent of Americans disapprove of the law, while just 39 percent say they approve of it.”

For a man whose always floated among the fray, perhaps the most ominous number was for the “he cares a lot about people like me.” That is down to only 30%.

The other important poll came out two days ago from Gallup: “Democrats’ Approval of Obama Slipping.” It’s averaged 78% in September, down 13 points from a recent high of 91% in December 2012. Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones put that shrinkage in context:

“The 13-percentage-point decline in Democrats’ approval rating for the president since last December exceeds the nine-point drop, from 53% to 44%, among all U.S. adults over the same time.”

If the numbers for the rest of September reflect what’s happened thus far, it would be the fourth month in a row the President’s approval numbers have dropped.

Later in the story, Jones notes that among the all-important Independents, approval for the President is down to 37%.

On Wednesday, Jennifer Popik, J.D., Legislative Counsel, NRLC’s Powell Center for Medical Ethics, wrote an important analysis of how insurance plans under ObamaCare will limit specialists and hospitals.

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