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70-year-old woman in the Netherlands euthanized because she said she could not cope with becoming blind

by | Oct 8, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

elderlywoman86reAs NRL News Today has reported repeatedly, no matter how much momentum you think the pro-euthanasia train has picked up, wait another week and it’s flown through another station. The reasons someone can be euthanized grow broader and deeper and wider every day, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium.

To quote The Daily Mail, “Medics have killed a woman by lethal injection because she could not cope with becoming blind.” The grounds? Two doctors deemed the 70-year-old to be “suffering unbearably,” and she had no realistic prospect of recovery.

Health specialist Lia Bruin told the Dutch newspaper “Dutch News N” that the case was “exceptional.” For example, Bruin said, the woman was “obsessed by cleanliness and could not stand being unable to see spots on her clothes.”

The Daily Mail’s Simon Caldwell put the tragedy in context. She’d been born with poor eyesight and as she entered old age her vision deteriorated into blindness. She was isolate, having lived alone since her husband died. Caldwell went on:

“The woman’s death comes just weeks after it emerged that deaths by euthanasia have hit a record high in Holland, with nearly one in seven people now dying at the hands of their doctors.

“Euthanasia cases soared by 13 per cent in 2012 – 4,188 deaths compared to 3,695 deaths – meaning that it accounts for about one in 30 of all deaths, boosted possibly by mobile death units launched last year to kill sick and elderly people in their own homes when a family doctor objects on ‘ethical’ grounds.

“But the figures did not take account of deaths by terminal sedation, by which patients are deliberately sedated before they are dehydrated and starved to death, an act often referred to as ‘euthanasia by omission.’”

Anthony Ozimic, of the pro-life Society for the Protection Unborn Life (SPUC), told the Daily Mail

“Wherever euthanasia or assisted suicide has been allowed, so-called ‘exceptional circumstances’ are quickly becoming the norm and the criteria for death are expanding. Millions of people around the world are blind, yet these doctors in their callous arrogance have deemed that at least some blind people should be killed rather than treated. This is what is in store for the United Kingdom if Lord Falconer and Margo Macdonald get their [assisted suicide] bills through parliament.”

The Daily Mail did yeoman work in showing how euthanasia and assisted suicide have exploded in Belgium. As reported in NRL News Today earlier today (“Belgian MP’s debating extending euthanasia to children with disabilities and people with dementia”), the Belgian parliament has resumed its debate on the extension of euthanasia to children with disabilities and people with Alzheimer’s/dementia.

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