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Love always wins: a true-life story of “a God moment” and the choice for Life

by | Oct 25, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Lorrie Legursky

Lorrie Legursky

One of the many endearing qualities about pro-lifers is that they don’t pretend that life is easy, or imply that carrying a crisis pregnancy to term doesn’t require courage and fortitude. It does!

But what pro-lifers do insist, with loads of real-life evidence to back them up, is that the prize for that profile in courage–a baby–is worth it. And that a decision for life ripples through the ages.

Lisa Shrewsberry is a reporter for the Register-Herald, a newspaper in Beckley, West Virginia. Her profile of Birthright volunteer Lorrie Legursky (under the headline “Life Happens”) is a delight which you can read at

All the forces had conspired to make abortion seem the right decision for Lorrie’s unplanned teenage pregnancy 32 years ago. Her mother had died when Lorrie was a little girl and her dad had raised her on his own.

Lorrie explains that when she became pregnant at 15, her dad could think of only one answer. “In his mind, what was best for me was to terminate the pregnancy,” Lorrie told Shrewsberry. “He didn’t really understand what abortion was.”

And there she was, primed to have an abortion. But in the back of her mind was the thought that her birthmother had given her life, and allowed her to be adopted by a loving couple.

Right here, sitting on the examination table, amidst the hum of the vacuum aspiration machine, she began to silently cry, tears falling into her hair. Then, what Lorrie calls “a God moment.”

The abortionist leaned around to look at her.

“He asked, ‘Why are you crying?’ I said, ‘Because of what’s getting ready to happen.’ This is what you wanted, isn’t it, he asked. ‘It’s not what I wanted. It’s what my daddy wanted,’ came her response. With that, the doctor turned off the machine. ‘He did it like he was angry. There was just a click. Then he told me to get up, get dressed, and get out of his clinic.’”

Although neither Lorrie nor the reporter make mention of it, this is very, very unusual. Most times the abortionist will simply attribute the emotions to jitters and continue with the abortion. It was, indeed, a God moment.

There is much more to the story—her dad did not respond well initially to her decision not to abort—but, thankfully, came around. In addition to being a Birthright volunteer, Lorrie Legursky is the mother of Lisa (who has three kids of her own) and Doug, a professional football player who “has used his popularity as a sports figure to speak out on behalf of pro-life issues with his family, knowing how important ‘just giving these babies a chance’ is to his mother and sister.”

“I want to help here at Birthright because of girls like me,” Lorrie tells Shrewsberry. “If Birthright had been available to Daddy, to connect us to resources and give us options, he would’ve made a better decision. I want these girls to know they can make it.

“Love always wins,” she says.

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