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Obama approval numbers stand at all-time low

by | Oct 31, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

The debacle that is the rollout of ObamaCare’s health insurance exchanges just gets messier and more problematic for President Obama. That’s one takeaway from a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal released yesterday in which the President’s approval numbers reached an all-time low (42%) and his disapproval numbers tied for the all-time high (51%).

To flesh out the approval number a bit, that 42% represents a 5 point drop just since last month and a whopping 11 point drop since his re-election.

Those who said they felt “very positive” about Mr. Obama stood at a mere 24%, one point higher than his all-time low. Those who said they felt “very negative” about the President tied for the all-time high: 32%.

Gallup has almost identical figures today: the President’s approval numbers stands at 42% and disapproval at 50%.

Another takeaway was less expected.

Everyone knew that Republicans and Democrats in Congress took a hit for the 16-day government shutdown. But for once Mr. Obama was unable to float above the fray: 41% of the 800 people surveyed say they have a less favorable opinion of the President since the shutdown compared to 21% who say they have a more favorable view since the shutdown.

Disapproval of ObamaCare stands 10 points ahead of approval—47% to 37%. Another dimension is that while 50% say the last few weeks haven’t dampened their confidence in the law, 40% say they are less confident.

And with the exception of one other NBC News/Wall Street Journal, the percentage of people who believe that nation is “generally headed in the right direction” is at an all-time low—22%–versus 70% who believe the country is “off on the wrong track.”

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