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Pro-Abortionists Fear and Loathe CPCs and “Choose Life” License Plates

by | Oct 28, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This first ran in October 2011 and complements the update found today at “Federal Appeals Court to hear challenge to North Carolina law authorizing ‘Choose Life’ license plate.”

CPChelpreI often wonder whether it is a bad conscience or ideology so thick that mere human emotions cannot penetrate that explains the hostility of the Abortion Establishment to Pregnancy Centers, also known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers or Women Helping Centers.

But then I read a piece in the Charlotte Observer about how later this year “Choose Life” license plates will be available to anyone in North Carolina who wants to pay $25, $15 of which would go to Women Helping Centers. So, it’s money that explains why pro-abortionists go nuts. Well, once removed.

What do I mean by that? The Observer tells us that there are eight times as many Women Helping Centers as there are abortion clinics—and that’s without any assistance via the license plates. Goodness, if pro-abortionists don’t watch out, women will have genuine “choice.”

Wouldn’t you know it the local NARAL has just completed an “investigation” that purports to show what NARAL investigations unfailingly find: misleading this and misleading that. “NARAL is calling for state regulation of the centers, especially since they will now be receiving state funding,” according to the Observer’s Craig Jarvis.

The unwary reader would come away from the story probably thinking that women Helping Centers are under siege (true) because charges of false and misleading advertising have been demonstrated (most assuredly not true). As readers of National Right to Life News Today know, judges have thrown out laws in New York City, Baltimore, and Montgomery County, Maryland.

Women Helping Centers adamantly deny they are misleading anyone. The only thing they and their critics agree on is that some of the centers offer literature that talks about, say, the link between abortion and breast cancer and between abortion and mental health.

Pro-abortionists call this either “propaganda” or disproven. It’s neither, as we have documented dozens and dozens of times on this site, including today. (See “A Healthy Skepticism Required of those Skeptical of the Association between Abortion and Mental Health Risks”)

Pro-abortionists will never give up on their attacks. But that’s okay. Neither will Women Helping Centers.

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