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The Christening of Prince George and the infinite value of all babies

by | Oct 23, 2013

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

PrinceWilliamKatebabyBaby bliss filled my office on Wednesday, as two co-workers joined me in catching a glimpse of streaming video of the arrival of Great Britain’s Prince George at his christening.

Certainly, his mother looked chic and his father dashing, but I could not keep my eyes off that handsome lad, outfitted in a replica of the baptismal gown worn by his princely father and originally donned by Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter.

Three months old, and already a style star.

A royal correspondent for BBC News reported that the baptismal font also dated back to the Victorian era, with water drawn from the River Jordan. The salute to tradition continued at a private tea following the ceremony, where, according to CNN, guests sampled christening cake, a scrumptious leftover from William and Kate’s 2011 wedding cake.

The Royal Mint honored the baby boy by creating a special christening coin in his honor—the first royal infant to be memorialized in such a way. He also can lay claim to not less than seven godparents, which would seem to be another achievement for the record books.

Some commoners spent days camped outside the London chapel in anticipation of this most special of special occasions. USA Today quoted one British subject as saying the event gave one a sense of pride.

It may be a cliché to call a baby “one’s pride and joy,” but certainly it holds true in the case of this latest heir to the British throne.

But the fact is, every baby is worthy of such acclamation—whether he calls a palace or a hut home–because every child has an inherent dignity and incalculable value. Prince George has not distributed any medals or dubbed a single knight—he is heralded for who he is, not what he has done. He is a human being, and therefore, by rights, he is deserving of life and love.

The birth of a baby is worthy of a 21-gun salute—no matter what his or her family lineage may be. That is why legal abortion is such an epic tragedy—it treats an individual of infinite worth as if he were as expendable as a broken toy. The victims are nameless and faceless, but they did exist—whether a given government chooses to recognize that fact or not.

One can only hope that, by the time of Prince George’s reign, the world will have come to understand that abortion does not solve problems—it only eliminates the problem-solvers.

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