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Fumbled Health Care Rollout contributes to record bad numbers for President Obama

by | Nov 19, 2013


By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

“Obama’s ratings tumble after health-care flaws” is the headline on a page one story in today’s Washington Post. “Tumble,” however, is putting it mildly. The President’s numbers are approaching free-fall in this Post/ABC poll of 1,006 adults. Here are only some of the President’s awful figures.

·  Obama’s overall disapproval rating is the worst of his presidency—55%–while approval rating has fallen to 42%–a record low in Washington Post/ABC polls (a drop of six percentage points in a month). In reality it may be worse. Last week Quinnipiac put Obama at 39% approval, and the week before that both Pew and National Journal put Obama’s approval under 40%.

·  44% say they strongly disapprove of the way he is handling his job—another “worst” figure.

· “Opposition to the new health-care law also hit a record high in the survey, with 57 percent saying they oppose the president’s most significant domestic initiative,” write Dan Balz and Peyton M. Craighill. “Forty-six percent say they are strongly against it. Just a month ago, as the enrollment period was beginning, the public was almost evenly divided in its assessments of the law.”

·  A whopping 63% disapprove of Obama’s handling of the health-care law’s rollout.

·  The President’s numbers took a hit in other categories which have previously served as a cushion when things went bad. 51% do not believe he understands their problems and 50% do not believe he is honest and trustworthy.

·  “The health-care law has become a political burden for elected officials who support it,” according to Balz and Craighill. “Almost four in 10 Americans say they are more likely to oppose a politician who backs the legislation, while just over a fifth say they would be more likely to support such a politician. That’s the biggest gap recorded in Post-ABC polling during the entire debate over the law.” Finally

·  ”For only the second time in his presidency, just as many people say Obama’s views are too liberal [45%] as say his views on most issues are just right [43 percent),” Balz and Craighill write. “The last time he was perceived this way was two months before the 2010 midterm elections, when Republicans picked up 63 seats in the House.”

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