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Obama pulls in PPFA and other allies to try to restart failed launch of ObamaCare health care exchanges

by | Nov 4, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

obamaforamerica1It’s surely not news to pro-lifers—and it probably wouldn’t be to anyone who actually thought about it—but Planned Parenthood was and is up to eyeballs in promoting (and benefiting from) ObamaCare.

Two weeks ago, Susan T. Muskett, J.D., NRLC Senior Legislative Counsel, wrote an excellent overview illustrating just how ObamaCare and the Abortion Industry were joined at the hip. (See “ObamaCare: Advancing the Abortion Industry.”)

As you might expect, as a grateful beneficiary PPFA is standing by its man (and the horrific rollout of ObamaCare’s health insurance exchanges). PPFA was one of the selected allies to be invited to hear the President try to put a new face on this boondoggle.

He’s addressing a “summit” hosted by Organizing for Action, according to POLITICO. Unsurprisingly that was his former campaign arm.

If you missed “ObamaCare: Advancing the Abortion Industry” the first time, be sure to read it today. There is so much in the article that even if you’ve already perused it, be sure to read it carefully a second time.

As Ms. Muskett observers,

From a pro-life perspective, the most important fact is that massive federal premium subsidies will go to Exchange plans that cover elective abortion (a sharp departure from the longstanding policy of the Hyde Amendment), and every enrollee in the plan will have a portion of the enrollee’s premium placed into a separate account for elective abortions (dubbed the “abortion surcharge”). But this is just one example of how the Obama administration is implementing ObamaCare in a way so as to advance the abortion industry.

But that is just the beginning!

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