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Man tries to trick girlfriend into forced abortion; serves no prison time

by | Dec 10, 2013


By Kristi Burton Brown

Helen Dean and her son, Amin.  (Photo credit: Wales News Service)

Helen Dean and her son, Amin.
(Photo credit: Wales News Service)

When Helen Dean was only five weeks pregnant, her boyfriend, Karim Habibi, attempted to force her to abort their son. His means? Trickery, lies, and a poisonous pill.

U.K. news sites report that Habibi entered a medical office and asked a nurse for a pill to give to Helen Dean that would cause her to have an abortion. Habibi even admitted that he wanted to give her the pill without her knowledge. Thankfully, the nurse refused and called the police. Habibi was arrested and brought to trial.

Mirror News (which calls Habibi “evil”) reports on Dean’s horror upon discovering Habibi’s intentions:

She said: “I thought it was a loving relationship and that he wanted children. We’d been together three years and decided it was the right time.

“When I first told him he seemed so excited. He twirled me around and said, ‘You’re going to have our baby’. I was so outraged he tried to kill his child.”

Dean’s son, Amin, is now 10 months old and healthy, and his mother couldn’t be more grateful that Habibi failed in his forced abortion attempt. The joy she experiences as a result of her son’s life is clearly displayed on her face as she holds him.

The Daily Mail reports that the judge in Habibi’s case had strong words for the man who attempted to kill his own son:

Judge Gregory Bull QC told Habibi he had done something ‘quite outrageous.’

Sentencing him to 15 months imprisonment suspended for two years Mr Bull said: ‘You behaved in a way that is not acceptable in this country or anywhere else.

‘Your aim was to fool your girlfriend and cause her to take a tablet that would cause your son to be aborted.

‘That is a terrible thing to do.

‘You didn’t show any pity for what you had done, you lied to the police and continued with your lies until this matter was to be tried.

‘Luckily, you were never in a position to administer poison and therefore your girlfriend and her baby were not put in immediate danger.

‘In passing sentence, I have to send a message out that what you did was wholly unacceptable.

While Habibi has a five-year restraining order that prevents him from seeing Dean or Amin, it is unfortunate that his prison sentence was suspended. This means that, possibly barring illegal acts on his part, Habibi will not actually serve his 15-month sentence in prison. However, the judge’s strong words remain, Habibi’s conviction will be on his record, and he was also ordered to pay prosecution fees.

While many fathers attempt to stop the abortions of their children, it seems that the number of fathers attempting to force abortion could be on the rise. This is one reason why chemical abortion pills should never be sold over the counter, as well as just one reason why women must be given real and accurate information and why they must be encouraged to speak out and get out of dangerous relationships.

Editor’s note. Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life attorney, volunteering for Life Legal Defense Foundation and also as an allied attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom. This first appeared at