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Niagara Region Right to Life upholds tradition of powerful pro-life billboards

by | Dec 5, 2013


By Dave Andrusko

billboard1Toronto’s Niagara Region Right to Life describes its primary aim as “the dissemination of public information on the core human rights of our time.” Over the years its billboards have touch the heart and the head with powerful messages that gently persuade.

This year’s outstanding billboard reads, “Someone is missing: in Canada one in four children are aborted.”

“The billboard is designed to both tug at emotional heartstrings, and to educate people about a disturbing Canadian statistic, of which most people are blissfully unaware,” says the Campaign Life Coalition, a national Canadian pro-life group. “The billboard depicts four young children in a friend-chain, arms around each other’s shoulders, with one boy – the victim of abortion – faded out to illustrate how his missing presence represents a loss to the other children. He is a missing friend.”

Last year Niagara Region Right to Life’s annual Christmas billboard was particularly relevant. It showed a baby girl under the wording, “The Most Dangerous Place for a Canadian Child is in the Womb.”

billboard2As NRL News Today readers know, British Columbia Tory MP Mark Warawa introduced a Private Member’s Motion 408, “that the House condemn discrimination against females occurring through sex-selective pregnancy termination.” While it did not come to pass, clumsy efforts by pro-abortionists to squelch even a discussion of gendercide prompted outcries even from some unsympathetic sources that free speech was being stifled.

In 2011, the billboard read, “Some Toys Will Have Fewer Children to Play With this Year.” When it appeared I took a few minutes out and found (to my surprise) that we first ran this image on the back cover of National Right to Life News on December 7, 1981, three months after I had become editor!

I am not kidding when I say that over the years the billboard has evoked some of the worse responses from our benighted opposition that I’ve ever read. Why do pro-abortionists rage against the Toy soldier?

My guess is it’s for the same reason that pro-lifers, like the Toy Soldier, will shed a tear: out of joy, innocence, and (worse, from the pro-abortionist’s view point) tenderness.

As a friend described it to me, “The billboard drives the pro-choice side crazy and makes pro-lifers smile because of the implicit message that children are delightfully winsome creatures who play with toys and bring joy and innocence into this jaded and materialistic world.”

billboard3The image of the toy missing “his” child softens even the hardest of hearts which evokes a reflexive, almost blind anger in the more-and-more-abortions-forever-and-ever crowd against you and me. How dare those pro-lifers……dare what?

Underneath the sputtering is a grudging admission that images such as these cut through the layer upon layer of calluses that have grown up around our hearts. Once removed we are able to see that abortion does not mean the gentle exercise of some abstraction called “choice.” Abortion means the brutal execution of a real live baby.

On its webpage Niagara Region Right to Life says “The harm that abortion inflicts on women and their families is incalculable. Its coarsening of politics and civic life is undeniable.”

Perhaps, just perhaps, images like the tearful Toy Soldier will guide us, in the process helping to soften our harsh and unloving responses to the most defenseless among us.

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