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Out of the mouths of babes …

by | Dec 23, 2013


Editor’s note. Some of the very best stories we’ve run over the decades have derived from watching pro-life videos, often of young children pouring out their hearts. So it is only right that as we approach the end of our year-long “Roe at 40” series we talk about “Zachary’s Thoughts on Abortion!” Please be sure to share this with friends and family.



In recent months some very young performers have become household names on national television, appearing on programs such as America’s Got Talent. But there is another voice–an even younger voice–that ought also to be heard by millions of people. It’s found on YouTube and is titled “Zachary’s Thoughts on Abortion!“.

It would be doing you a very great disservice to quote from this young boy–rather than have you listen to him for yourself–so I won’t. I really want you to go online and then share “Zachary’s Thoughts on Abortion” with others.

The woman who posted the video–perhaps his mother–adds a little note: “Zachary is incredible. We were all crying by the end of this …” That applies, I suspect, to all of us who watch Zachary.

The video is only four minutes long, and it starts out with a hilarious observation that cracks up the adults and the viewer. From there, Zachary offers advice to live by in a way that utterly transfixes you.

You’re gripped by his quiet sincerity, Zachary’s wholly unexpected capacity for empathy, and the amazing manner in which he lays out what not only the aborted child loses, but also what those who were a party to his/her death have discarded. A couple of times the adults in the room audibly gasp at the depth of his insights. So did I.

The one word I will mention from the video is “think.” Zachary asks us to think … about whom it is we are victimizing … how it is we take the child’s life … and the price we pay for dissolving the deepest bond in human culture. Take four minutes out of your busy schedule to watch “Zachary’s Thoughts on Abortion!” And be sure to have a box of Kleenex nearby.

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