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The “Continental Liar”

by | Dec 13, 2013


victoryfundThursday morning, pro-life Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) gave an extraordinary speech on the Senate floor. Coburn, who is also a physician, listed example after example of promises or claims about Obamacare that have turned out to be blatantly false.

Coburn listed at least half a dozen examples of what he called “lies” or “deceit.” The promise that Americans would be able to keep their doctor. And keep their insurance plan and the hospital network they’ve been used to using.

The promise of greater access to medical care in general, when in truth, Obamacare is driving doctors out of the profession, which will limit access and increase wait times. The promise that Obamacare would improve the quality of care, when in truth, it will stifle research and development to find new cures.

Coburn said “We’re going to see a continuous decline in the quality of care in this country because of the ‘Affordable Care Act,’ which is decreasing the quality and quantity of care in this country.”

Note he said “quantity” of care: In other words, rationing. Denial of treatment. For some, of life-saving treatment. And that’s another Obamacare falsehood, because we were assured again and again that the law wouldn’t include rationing.

Several other pro-life Senators gave outstanding speeches on the growing tragedy that is Obamacare during Senate sessions yesterday and today.

The fabric of our health care system is unraveling right before our eyes because of Obamacare. The heroism of these Senators in speaking up to save lives is exactly what we need more of in the Senate. And we can achieve that – through the effective work of the National Right to Life Victory Fund in the 2014 Senate elections.

The NRL Victory Fund is already at work getting the facts out to the public about how important next year’s Senate elections are, and how their Senators voted on the life-and death issues surrounding Obamacare. Your support for the Victory Fund now, while the issue of Obamacare is front and center before the public, could go a long way in helping us elect a majority of pro-life Senators next year!

High office is a public trust. But officials who betray that trust don’t deserve to stay in office. One of the most famous campaign slogans in U.S. history involved a candidate for president in the 1880s whose opponents dubbed him a “Continental liar” for his supposed stretching of the truth. If there ever was a “Continental lie” that voters need to be alerted to, it’s the false promises of Obamacare.

The NRL Victory Fund can accept gifts in unlimited amounts from you as an individual or from a corporation. Please click here to support the Victory Fund with a donation of $5,000; $1,000; $500; $100 or any amount to send a strong message that candidates who don’t tell the American people the truth about the most fundamental of needs – our healthcare itself – do not deserve to represent those people in office.

Help us end the abortion coverage . . . the rationing . . . the falsehoods that are Obamacare. Lives of unborn children, the elderly, perhaps your loved ones, depend on what we do now and over the next 10 months. Together we can win and relegate this “Continental lie” to the dustbin of history where it belongs!

contributenowThank you so much!

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President

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