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We should have seen it coming…

by | Dec 27, 2013


By Dave Andrusko

busyhealthcaresiteThe closer we get to January 1, 2014–in theory the day Americans can use their newly purchased health insurance for the first time—the more we will read two competing narratives.

The first one will be the insistence that by and large the “bugs” are out of and if you were unable to sign up before, you can now. That this is unlikely times ten is backed up by all the problems already seen and all the many more that will kick in when/if people actually sign up. (That involves getting on the website, choosing a plan, that choice accurately being received and passed along, AND the payment of the first premium.)

The other will be…huh? That anyone is surprised that we are about to enter a mess so colossal it beggars the imagination.

Don Campbell, writing a column for USA Today that ran Christmas day, hit on—well, the obvious. He goes through a series of “questions” that have been ignored, been asked and ignored, been asked and asked again and ignored and ignored. (Campbell is too polite to call the assurances lies.)

For example, why is anyone surprised that the ObamaCare plans are so darned expensive? As it happened I had a conversation with my doctor not unlike the one Campbell said he had with his primary care and specialist physicians and “My docs talked mostly about three issues: the orchestrated rationing of health care, much more intervention by the government in health care decisions and higher costs for people like me. A couple of them predicted a coming doctor shortage, but that seemed self-serving.”

He also talks about ” More government control of our lives”—our relationship with our health care professionals–and “Redistribution of income”—it would have been cheaper, Campbell argues, to just buy basic health care for those who have none. “But that, of course, would deny Obama his goal of having the government control everyone’s health care with a ridiculous list of mandates.”

(Campbell thoroughly bungles the issue of rationing but that’s another story.)

Campbell is also not above chastising us for either being too gullible or too unwilling to look beneath what he accurately calls Obama’s “blah, blah, blah” promises. But as a former journalist he is also up to conceding that “the news media could have done a better job of covering this drama.”

But while true, that is to miss that even now many media outlets will let up when there is the least sign that ObamaCare is not dead in the water. Why would we expect the same crew to have “scrutinize[d] every single word of the law and the thousands of pages of regulations it spawned” back in 2009 and 2010 as this monstrosity was being put together?

Hold on to your hat—and your pocketbook. Thanks to ObamaCare, 2014 will be rough sledding for untold millions of Americans.

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