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Why we do what we do

by | Dec 30, 2013


By Patricia Maloney

Editor’s note. Patricia, a Canadian, blogs at

Canada2reI am continually surprised at the lack of publicly pro-life politicians in this country. Federally there are some, and they are very brave indeed. This posting is not about them. It’s about the rest.

In Ontario, I can’t even think of one publicly pro-life politician. Maybe there is one. I just wish he or she would make themselves known.

Why is that? Is it because they’re scared of being demonized by the pro-abortions? Is it because they are cowards? Is it because they just don’t care? Or is it all of the above?

Abortion–it’s discussion in any kind of public way; the increasing lack of availability of obtaining accurate abortion statistics; the inability to get a politician to answer questions on the subject; what is all that?

The subject is going underground. It is verboten.

We used to be able to depend on Statistics Canada to provide us with accurate data. But when the quality of those statistics started deteriorating because of non-disclosure by the provinces, Statistics Canada didn’t want their name attached to such inaccurate numbers. Now CIHI’s [Canadian Institute for Health Information’s] numbers are inaccurate and under reported. It isn’t very helpful to have numbers that paint only a partial picture of what is going on in Canada with abortion. Accurate statistics should be legislated. Why aren’t they?

Federal Access to Information requests increasingly yield “cabinet confidences” and “solicitor-client privilege” excuses at an alarming rate. And information commissioners are toothless to do anything.

Ontario freedom of information requests aren’t even allowed anymore. The Ontario Conservatives–who one would hope would keep the Liberals in check–did nothing to stop this from happening. These Conservatives seem to have a don’t-talk-about-abortion-ever policy. They’re whipped by the Government in power–a mean feat if there ever was one.

All the while children continue to be killed.

Those of us who are marginalized because of our pro-life views keep on doing what we can to change the tide. It sometimes feels like we will never make any headway.

Looking over the past year though, I notice a common hopeful thread in all the people who I know who are pro-life. They are committed to the plight of the unborn. Really committed. They are driven. They don’t give up and they don’t give in. They speak up. Continually.

They educate women. They support women in crisis pregnancies. They pray in front of abortion clinics. They write letters to the editor and op-eds for newspapers. They push for legal protection and advise politicians who will listen. They legally challenge the government, sometimes for no pay.

They do what they can, and they never stop doing it. They do it for the children. They inspire me to keep going. They are my super-heroes.

Happy New Year and God bless every one of us.

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