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A Movement of Love that embraces unborn children and their mothers

by | Jan 20, 2014


By Laura Echevarria

movementofloveIn the 41 years since Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were handed down, over 56 million unborn children have been destroyed. Their ruinous legacy is felt not just in abortion but in every area where defenseless human beings are imperiled.

If you are wanted, you have a right to life; if you are “normal,” you have a right to life; if you are mentally without “flaw,” you have a right to life.

But woe to you if you are diagnosed with a disability in the womb or you suffer a severe head or spinal cord injury in an accident or you are mentally impaired in some way.

Woe to you if you are unwanted or a burden or a financial hardship. Woe unto you if you suffer from an acute and debilitating illness or condition. In each of these instances, your right to life can be called into question.

Abortion on demand has led us down a slippery slope and it may seem like our path forward is full of obstacles. But let’s take a step back and look at the big picture.

While it is true that there are organized forces threatening the right to life, the American people are better educated today on each of these issues than they were in 1973. And what does it say about pro-abortion groups that their default position is lies and emotional arguments?

Sure, we are underfunded, unpopular with the media, and underappreciated but, historically, men and women who have changed society for the better were, more often than not, underappreciated, underfunded, and very unpopular.

Why does our Movement have such staying power? First and foremost because we fight for a noble ideal. But none of us are in this Movement to get rich or to attain fortune or fame. We are here to save lives.

Years ago, the late Congressman Henry Hyde was presented with the Proudly Pro-Life Award by the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund. At the awards dinner, he said,

“When the time comes, as it surely will, when we face that awesome moment, the final judgment, I’ve often thought, as Fulton Sheen wrote, that it is a terrible moment of loneliness. You have no advocates, you are there alone standing before God — and a terror will rip your soul like nothing you can imagine. But I really think that those in the pro-life movement will not be alone. I think there’ll be a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world but are heard beautifully and clearly in the next world — and they will plead for everyone who has been in this movement. They will say to God, ‘Spare him, because he loved us!’”

Our opponents claim to care about women. Our great advantage, which should never be underestimated, is that that our love embraces unborn babies AND their mothers.

Moreover it also encompasses those with disabilities, the elderly, and all those threatened by a Culture of Death.

In the Last Judgment, those who will stand with us will include millions who were not allowed to live but who will know that we sacrificed our time, energy, and personal resources to try to save as many lives as possible.

As Winston Churchill famously said during the darkest hours of World War II, “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

We are, of course, not fighting a war on a battlefield and, thankfully, the battle is turning in our favor. But we are fighting a war of ideas—and we can never give in and never give up.

We pray that it will not take another 41 years to return the law’s protection to unborn children. But if it does, we –and all those pro-lifers who follow us–will be here, day in and day out, in the trenches, looking to save one more life.

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