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At nine months pregnant former ballerina “dancing a lovely pas de deux with her unborn baby”

by | Jan 2, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Mary Helen Bowers

Mary Helen Bowers

Here is a nice story to usher in the new year, courtesy of a friend who passed the account along to me.

By now, Mary Helen Bowers has no doubt delivered her baby, always an uplifting story. But in this case there is a wrinkle. A former ballerina she has used her Instagram account (balletbeautiful) to chronicle the growth of her unborn baby.

And (as of December 19) at nine months pregnant Bowers was “dancing a lovely pas de deux with her unborn baby’!

“I just love knowing that when I’m dancing, the baby is dancing,” Bowers, 33, told TODAY Moms. “It’s just been awesome to know there’s this little life that’s sharing in everything you do every day.” (See

Bowers is the first to acknowledge that she’s been fortunate to have a very healthy, comfortable pregnancy. And with her doctor’s approval she’s been dancing right up until the birth of her baby.

“The former ballerina glows in photos and videos showing her twirling, stretching and moving to the music, her baby bump along for the ride,” writes A. Pawlowski, a contributor to TODAY.

Bowers owns her own New York fitness company and in addition to helping “regular women get a dancer’s lean and toned physique,” she’s also developed a prenatal workout that she hopes will help other women the way her daily ballet routine has helped her.

“I’ve really been amazed by how active I’ve been able to be and how much my body has been able to do,” Bowers told Pawlowski. “It’s a beautiful time. You feel connected to your body on a level like never before.”

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