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“Because of her sacrifice I am pro-life”

by | Jan 17, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

VoiceforvoicelessI remain anxious to hear from readers on the theme “And the Reason I’m Pro-Life is because….

As you would expect the explanations run the gamut from intuitive (“I’ve never known a time when I was not pro-life”) to women who were resolutely “pro-choice” but came to see that there was a “better way” than taking the lives of helpless babies.

But the single most prevalent common denominator, according to our readers, is their mother. They are pro-life because she was.

And their mothers were not pro-life because it was easy or convenient or “expected.” In account after account, our respondents were deeply affected—shaped really—by their mother’s courage and faithfulness.

Over and over, I would read of mothers who were single and/or poor when they became unexpectedly pregnant; who faced enormous pressure to have an abortion but said no!; and who put their baby’s life before anything else.

As one respondent put it so eloquently, “ Because of her sacrifice, I am alive. Because of her sacrifice, I am pro-life.”

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