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Carolina Sepe dies 16 days after giving birth while in a coma

by | Jan 6, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Carolina Sepe

Carolina Sepe

Carolina Sepe was 10 weeks pregnant when an angry neighbor burst into her family’s home in Lauro near Naples on August 25 and opened fire with a pistol. Sepe, along with other member of her family, were innocent bystanders when Domenico Aschettino turned his wrath on them after killing Sepe’s father, Vincenzo Sepe.

Shot in the head, Sepe was left in a coma. Last month, doctors safely delivered her baby, by that time 27 weeks gestational age, by caesarean section.

Tragically, however, Sepe died on Saturday, according to The Daily Telegraph, 16 days after the birth of her baby girl. Maria Liliana weighed 1.1 kg (approximately 2.5 pounds) at birth. She is on life support but said to be in stable condition.

Compounding the tragedy is that Sepe’s father and grandmother were killed and other family members wounded in the rampage. Carolina’s husband, Giampiero Siniscalchi who managed to escape with the couple’s two year old son, Eliseo, was convinced his wife’s condition was improving and that she would regain consciousness. (He’d left his job to visit Carolina daily.)

“I recorded a video of Eliseo on my phone and when I made (Carolina) listen to his voice, I cried,” he told Corriere della Sera. “I did it again and she cried. I am sure my wife can hear me and hear the voice of our son. I am sure she understands. She cannot communicate or move, but she can understand. She can heal and come home.”

But as The Daily Telegraph’s Tom Kington explained, by mid-December, Sepe’s vital signs had grown weaker. Kington quoted Franco Paradiso, the director of the Calderelli hospital, who said, “The patient’s condition had worsened and so we opted to intervene” before it was too late.

Aschettino had argued with Vincenzo Sepe with over a car accident. Arrested and deemed mentally sound, Aschettino has since tried to commit suicide in jail.

Antonio Bossone, the mayor of Lauro, said Sepe’s daughter would be supported by the town until she reached 18. “The town will stay close to help her grow and to guarantee a serene future,” he said.

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