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Clinic worker witnesses abortion’s “aftermath”; says it “isn’t right”

by | Jan 2, 2014


By Sarah Terzo

unbornbaby09Some time ago, a former abortion worker posted on a forum about how she felt about her time working in a hospital that provided abortions. She posted her testimony on the forum (Now offline) But I copied her testimony, which now appears here.

“My duties were not only to care for those that were in for abortions, I also cared for the older folks having hysterectomies and so forth. I didn’t’ have a personal opinion on abortion until I saw how many were done and for the multitude of ridiculous reasons. Not to mention the actual procedure itself and the “aftermath”. It wasn’t until a few years afterwards that I started to feel this wasn’t right. That is when I transferred to a different department and hospital completely. . .”

The clinic worker does not elaborate on what these “ridiculous” reasons were, so we are left to speculate. In another one of my articles, I talked about a woman who had an abortion because she couldn’t fit into her wedding gown, and another who had multiple abortions because she didn’t use birth control, saying that having an abortion was “no big deal.”

The former abortion worker says more about women who had repeat abortions.

“Plus you must understand, I worked for a hospital smack dab in the middle of NYC, I got to know some of the girls getting these abortions on a first name basis, since they had them so often. That really got under my skin, seeing these girls using it as a birth control measure. And why shouldn’t they? The state paid for it anyway! Just not right!”

Many abortion providers find themselves frustrated with women who abort again and again. This makes one wonder – if abortion is a benign procedure, simply removing “uterine contents” or “tissue,” why does it matter if a woman has one, or two, or three, or 10? There should be no reason not to have multiple abortions, if all of this is a simple operation. Abortion clinic workers see the carnage of abortion daily; they see the bodies of the aborted babies. Generally speaking, they don’t take abortion lightly. You can read more quotes by abortion providers about repeat abortions here.

It also makes you wonder, if abortion is free, completely covered by health insurance, will more women have abortions?

Editor’s note. This appeared at Sarah Terzo is s a pro-life author and creator of the website. She is a member of Secular Pro-Life and PLAGAL.

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