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Five Myths? And Still Counting

by | Jan 3, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

We’re rapidly approaching the 41st anniversary of the awful Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions. I wrote this post a couple of years ago, just before the annual March for Life—and with very, very slight changes, it arguably is more true today than it was then.

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

When I got into work this morning, I found an email from a friend of mine in my in-box. Like me, he is Civil War buff and he had forwarded me a piece from the Washington Post.

The Post, which takes itself dreadfully seriously, runs a series under the headline “Five Myths About…” Some of them are spot-on, others are just opportunities to promote the writer’s own bias in the guise of debunking a “myth.” The latest entry had to do with the Civil War which shared all the weaknesses of the “Five Myths about” series.

For me it was an interesting juxtaposition. I had just read a piece from the latest issue of “Democracy: A Journal of Ideas,” which is the kind of journal that spends much of its time telling us how wonderful Barack Obama is.

This is the last post of the day so I don’t have time to enumerate/debunk the “Five Myths about Barack Obama” which you find contained in Alan Brinkley’s review of a new book titled, “Reading Obama” by James T. Kloppenberg, a professor of History at Harvard. Let me just mention just two.

First, I have no problem with anyone telling us that President Obama is brilliant. (In Brinkley’s view, “Obama is one of the most articulate and intelligent men ever to have been president.”) Obama does not come across that way in public settings—smart, but hardly brilliant– but perhaps he does in private.

What I object to in Brinkley’s review is that he seems to share a bias common to Obama admirers: the belief that among Obama’s biggest problems is that he is analytical and cool while his opponents are angry hayseeds who need all ten fingers in order to count. In stooping to talk with them, we’re told, Obama wastes precious political time.

But perhaps a better explanation is that (a) we just disagree with a man who is a point man for the Abortion Establishment; and (b) the reason Obama does what he does so often had nothing to do with time spent talking sloooowly to his supposed intellectual inferiors and everything to do with his own lack of executive skills. And that doesn’t count that his proposed course of action (see ObamaCare) was staggering in scope and audacity, and flawed from stem to stern

I mention this simply because in an attempt to rally Obama from plunging approval ratings we will hear variations of this refrain over and over again. But repetition doesn’t make it true.

Obama is not “pragmatic,” but an ideologue of the first order. One tenet of his real philosophy is that there is nothing—nothing—the abortion industry wants that he won’t promote, even as he tells us (yet again) he is striving to reach “common ground.”

Some people will fall for this—again. We never did– nor will we ever.

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