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Number of abortions in New Zealand drops to lowest figure in nearly 20 years

by | Jan 6, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

NewZealand8Good news: the number of abortions in New Zealand has dropped to the lowest number since 1995.

In 2012, 14,745 women had abortions, the pro-abortion Abortion Supervisory Committee reported. As recently as five years ago, the figure stood at 18,382.

The category of women most likely to have abortions were women in their 20s, followed by teenagers 15-19. But the latter totals were down substantially—from 4,173 to 2,489.

“Most women having abortions recognized themselves as European, followed by Maori, Asian and Pacific,” according to Sarah Harvey, reporting for Fairfax NZ News.

Unsurprisingly the Abortion Supervisory Committee attributed the decline to “wider use of contraceptives, better school-based education and even reality television.”

Very surprisingly, however, Christine Roke, the group’s national medical adviser, “acknowledged the efforts of anti-abortion groups in spreading awareness”–which is exactly what the pro-life organization Voice for Life told Harvey.

An unnamed spokesman for Voice for Life was also “particularly alarmed that the overwhelming majority of women sought abortions on the grounds their pregnancy was a danger to their mental health.”

He told Harvey, “That concerns us because it’s a loophole that allows women to go through a procedure that is incredible harmful to the woman and a violation to life.”