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Pope Francis cheers March and life, President Obama cheers abortion and death

by | Jan 22, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

It was about the same time that a speaker at today’s March for Life told the huge audience that Pope Francis had tweeted his support for unborn babies and the Marchers that somebody tweeted me that President Obama had rolled out his annual January 22 message pledging his solidarity with the Abortion Industry. (You can see both below.)

PopetweetonMarchWhen I got back to the office I read it. It’s written so mechanically it doesn’t even qualify as boilerplate. A couple of thoughts as I thaw out.

Contra the President, Roe has a different “guiding principle.” Roe (and its companion case Doe v. Bolton) stood for the proposition that there is only body involved—the mother; that it’s perfectly okay to short-circuit the legislative process and announce from on high that a hundred years worth of protective state statutes were suddenly null and void; and that, as the New York Times wrote in a supportive editorial two days later, opponents should fold up their tents and go home. Here are the key paragraphs from the Times’ editorial:

ObamaonRoe”The Supreme Court has made a major contribution to the preservation of individual liberties and of free decision-making by its invalidation of state laws inhibiting a woman’s right to obtain an abortion in its first three months of pregnancy.

“The Courts seven-to-two ruling could bring to an end the emotional and divisive public argument over what always should have been an intensely private and personal matter. It will end the argument if those who are now inveighing against the decision as a threat to civilization’s survival will pause long enough to recognize the limits of what the Court has done.”

Note that from the get-go, the decision was misrepresented as allowing abortion only in the “first three months of pregnancy.” Minimizing the impact of a law that has resulted in the deaths of over 56 million babies and whose ethos has greased the skids for infanticide and physician-assisted suicide is at the core of the Abortion Industry’s wholly dishonest messaging.

Just one other comment, so obvious it only bares mentioning because it captures the pro-abortion mind at its most evasive. The President concluded

“Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom.”

Not if you are an unborn baby. Your freedom was flushed down the toilet 41 years ago by a High Court whose arrogance was matched only by its ignorance of the fundamentals of human biology.

Indeed, the decision was so slipshod that over the years even constitutional scholars who were “pro-choice” lamented Blackmun’s addlepated decisions. (See “Abortion defenders explain why Roe v. Wade was a terrible legal decision”)

We will have more to say today and throughout the week. I hope that you were able to make it to a pro-life rally, either here in DC or closer to home.

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