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Roe v. Wade: Moribund at 41

by | Jan 24, 2014


By Carol Tobias, President, National Right to Life

Editor’s note. This President’s column appeared in the January issue of National Right to Life News which can be read in its entirety online . Be sure to pass this along to all your pro-life family and friends.

march-for-life9reAs we mark the 41st anniversary of abortion on demand in America today, we shake our heads in sorrow. The enormity of the self-inflicted damage is staggering.

Fifty-six million unborn children killed by abortion. Millions of mothers suffering because of their decisions to kill their children. And there is an untold number of largely invisible victims–men who suffer because they had no legal way to protect their unborn children from abortion.

And yet, we know we are making a difference. The evidence is everywhere.

Although abortion is widely available, any woman seeking an abortion knows someone close to her who would encourage her NOT to take her baby’s life. To the chagrin of the Abortion Industry, abortion is still a very sensitive subject and most people regret its wide availability, not celebrate it.

While a woman may tell a friend or co-worker that she is going to a dentist or a doctor for various medical reasons, it is rare that she will talk about going for an abortion. Even after 41 years and 56 million abortions, the conscience of this nation knows that killing unborn children is wrong.

Last week NARAL released a report on abortion, giving the nation a grade of D on “reproductive rights”. Since NARAL has a position of not wanting ANY limits on abortion at ANY time during pregnancy, that D is another positive sign that America is headed in the right direction. We look forward to the day when they give us an F!

Most 40-somethings see the big 4-0 as a milestone that causes them to assess where they are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. So it is with the pro-life Movement of Love, now in its 40-something years.

At 40-something, we reflect and realize to a certain extent that we are mature. Being mature has an upside and a down side. Maturity usually brings wisdom. Most 40-somethings don’t make the same silly mistakes they made when they were younger. They understand the importance of consideration for others. They have a better sense of when to pick a fight.

Click here to read the January issue of National Right to Life News, the “pro-life newspaper of record.”

The downside for some us is that maturity comes with a certain sense of comfort, and maybe even complacency. And in the ordinary hum-drum of everyday life, that is hardly the end of the world.

But when you are on the frontlines of, literally, a life and death struggle, there is no room, let alone time, for complacency. The hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans who are assembling in Washington, DC are a testimony to the unflagging energy of our Movement. Equally important, if not more so, are the tens of thousands who have been gathering in the state capitals over the last ten days.

Our Movement retains its agility and adaptability and mobility. Thanks to you, our Movement of Love can and does mobilize when opportunities call or comes together to make opportunities.

Once upon a time the party line among pro-abortionists was that Roe v Wade was “settled law.” Now, they take the opposite tack—the sky is falling, “reproductive rights” are in grave peril, etc., etc.

While we know part of this is merely to energize their own base, in fact, the tide HAS turned. Polling over the last few years consistently shows that younger people, including those who are or soon will be young voters, are pro-life. With generational change on our side, our Movement is becoming younger than before and much younger than the other side.

Thanks to you we are meeting the challenge to attract these young, pro-life people as active participants, encouraging them to be a voice for the voiceless.

We’ve left the mimeograph machine behind. It’s not newsprint anymore; it’s text on a screen. Smart phones are a primary source of information and communication. And being smart is a part of both mature and mobile.

Roe v. Wade is moribund at 41. Our Movement is younger and more vibrant than ever.

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