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Wisconsin Right to Life sponsors state-wide Jan. 22-related activities, others attend March for Life in Washington, DC

by | Jan 28, 2014

By Doreen Shirek, Chapter Director, Wisconsin Right to Life

WisconsinRTLlogoThe below zero temperatures did not stop Wisconsin Right to Life chapters from participating in a variety of activities on January 22nd, commemorating the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Not only did our local chapters participate in events this month but our Wisconsin College students also were busy. Some of the students went to the March for Life in Washington DC for the first time and have come home with a renewed vision and passion for the cause.

Other activities that these students and chapters participated in include Prayer services and vigils, Signature ads in the newspaper, letters to the editor, rallies, Masses and other church services, candle light walks, displays in downtown business windows, billboards, marches around county courthouses and abortion mills. Many have fasted and sacrificed to make their events the most effective.

These brave and committed souls have been working hard for years to change the hearts and minds of those who live around them. They understand that without them, the people in their counties would not get the proper education they need to see that all life is valuable and worth protecting.

I wholeheartedly applaud these fearless chapter leaders and those who work with them. They stand up for the truth and get ridiculed and laughed at. And even though they have been doing this for many years they still have faith that one day, Roe-v-Wade will be overturned and all their hard work will have paid off.

Thank you Wisconsin Chapters for making a statement, for making a difference and for making the choice to protect all human life.

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