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12-Week “Fetus” or Baby?

by | Feb 14, 2014

By Barbara Whitehead, President
Mississippi Right to Life

Abortionists say that this is just a blob of tissue, a collection of cells. Some say it is like a piece of liver. In any case, it certainly isn’t a baby they say; at the very best it is only a blueprint for a baby. They tell women and girls who come in for an abortion not to worry about that.

Well, to me it doesn’t look anything like Kleenex or any other brand of tissue. It sure doesn’t look much like liver to me. And when was the last time you saw a blueprint turn into a building or anything else for that matter.

When I stop to think about it, I realize that I too am just a collection of cells.  I must have been one of those so called fetuses at one time, but my mom always said I was her baby.

They refer to unborn humans as fetuses. “Fetus” is a Greek term meaning “little one.” But I don’t speak Greek and I suspect most folks who come to this website don’t either. So in our ignorance of the Greek language we just call it a baby. There is no harm in that, is there?

Isn’t it odd how, when folks set out to kill one of these, they call it a fetus. But when of these is destined to join the family they call it a baby?
Well, maybe it’s not so odd. I know that when an ostrich is afraid or in danger, it poke its head in the sand. It doesn’t change reality but it makes him feel better until the lion arrives.

But when women and girls see their ultrasound they see the truth. That sets them free to make a better choice. If you plan to abort your child, tell the abortionist you want to see your ultrasound. You will find that your fetus looks quite a lot like a baby.

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