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If you had only one moment to make the case for life: “when is it okay to kill?”

by | Feb 19, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

unborn-babythumb2We recently asked our readers to send us what they would say if they only had one (or two) minutes to make the case for life (“If you had only one minute….”). For our purposes here, we were to assume the man or woman we are talking to is not adamantly pro-abortion and at least marginally open to persuasion. Here’s one response which makes a lot of sense.


Start with a baby, newly born. Is it a baby? Yes, it’s a baby. Ok, well how about one day before he or she was born–is it a baby? Ok to kill it then?

Ok how about 2 days before…. keep working farther back. Ok so how about 23 weeks 6 days (showing pictures)?

When is it that this life doesn’t deserve the security of the womb to keep growing to its full potential?

And this “viable” word – what makes a life “viable”? There are many people living outside the womb who would not survive without help– from every newborn child to children and many adults; people in the hospital receiving oxygen, dialysis, tube feeding.

What makes life in & out of the womb worth protecting and allowing to live to their full potential? Is the value both for the unborn and the born person [depend on] whether someone is wanted, convenient, perfect etc.?

Just some food for thought – for life!

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