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Quebec Conservatives Euthanize Euthanasia Bill?

by | Feb 21, 2014


By Wesley J. Smith

Philippe Couillard

Philippe Couillard

I admit, I don’t understand parliamentary politics. But it appears that the Liberal Party (conservatives) in Quebec just might have euthanized the euthanasia bill. From the CBC story:

“The Philippe Couillard-led Quebec Liberals have blocked the passage of Quebec’s end-of-life legislation, Bill 52, said parliamentary house leader Stéphane Bédard. He had strong words for Couillard, calling his lack of willingness to collaborate on the bill’s passage a total abandonment of his responsibilities.”

I’m sorry? If you disagree or are still questioning a bill this radical you are supposed to cooperate in its passage?

Euthanasia ideologues can’t understand that a political leader might actually not want to open up the medicalized killing floodgates:

“Minister for Social Services Véronique Hivon was the one to introduce the end-of-life bill to the national assembly. At the time, she said she was proud that Quebec was taking a stand on the issue. ‘I’m completely puzzled. I don’t understand at all the decision that has been taken today by Mr. Couillard and the Liberal Party of Quebec…The reactions are really really strong — nobody understands. I’m asking Mr. Couillard, ‘Why?’” Hivon said.”

The tabling may kill the bill for this session:

“If the bill is not passed today, it could die on the order paper because of the 4 p.m. ET tabling of the budget. Quebec Finance Minister Nicolas Marceau submitted the PQ’s second budget in 18 months. Tomorrow, MNAs go on a two-week break.

“The current PQ government could fall if the opposition parties vote against the budget, triggering an election. If an election is called, the passage of the end-of-life bill would be paralyzed until an eventual revival by the next government.”

Here’s hoping.

Editor’s note. This appeared on Wesley’s great blog.

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