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Texas Medical Board suspends license of abortionist for violating newly enacted Pro-Life law

by | Feb 14, 2014

By Texas Right to Life
Yesterday, the Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended the license of abortionist Theodore Herring for violating new Pro-Life law House Bill 2.

During an anonymous Department of State Health Services inspection held in December, Herring was found to be non-compliant with Texas law that requires abortionists to maintain admitting privileges with a local hospital.  Herring was cited with illegally completing 268 abortions while failing to hold any admitting privilege at a hospital within thirty miles of where he completed abortions.  
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The 30 miles admitting privileges requirement has been in effect since Oct 31st when United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit overturned the US District Courts injunction.  After the court decision, Planned Parenthood sought to have the Supreme Court reinstate the hold on the Pro-Life bill.  

The Supreme Court denied Planned Parenthood’s request, allowed the law to remain in effect, and allowed Texas to enforce the law while the court case continued in the Fifth Circuit Court.  The trial was held in New Orleans in early January.  Now both sides wait for the final ruling from that three-judge panel.
Texas Right to Life is proud that the Texas Medical Board has upheld the rule of law by taking this disciplinary action against Dr. Herring.  We encourage the Texas Medical Board and the Department of State Health Services to continue fully enforcing the Life-saving safety policies passed in House Bill 2. 
Herring’s license will be suspended pending further review by the Texas Medical Board.  That meeting might not occur until their next scheduled meeting in May. 

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