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They Kill the Mentally Ill Don’t They?

by | Feb 18, 2014


By Wesley J. Smith

Dutch Health minister Edith Schippers

Dutch Health minister Edith Schippers

Back in 2012, I warned that a Dutch psychiatric journal was urging its readers to increase their euthanasia kill rate of mentally ill patients. And so they have.

Hard on the heels of Belgium legalizing child euthanasia, the Netherlander Minister of Health, Edith Schippers reports the increasing number. From the NL story:

“In 2013, 45 people with a psychiatric impairment were euthanised, in 2012 14 people and in 2011 13. There is a definite rise in the number of patients that were euthanised. Of the 42 reports that came through in 2013, 31 were assessed, and all of them carefully, minister Schippers said. Medical Contact (Medisch Contact) writes this on Monday on their website.

“Schippers believes that the rise of euthanasia cases with psychiatric patients can be explained in the increased willingness of doctors to offer euthanasia in these cases. She also thinks that doctors know that the testing commissions have ruled that in all 27 cases from 2011 and 2012, there was careful action. Thus, she claims that the conception of doctors concerning the legal norms could have developed in that respect.”

That is so Netherlander! It isn’t the wrongness of the action that matters. It is the (supposed) rightness of the process. Good grief.

Of course, Schippers applauds:

“Minister Schippers sees it as a logical evolution, that doctors are better prepared to decide whether, in the case of a patient who hopelessly and unbearably suffers from a psychiatric disorder and asks for assisted suicide, the vigilance requirements of the Euthanasia Law can be met.”

The exact point I have been making since 1993. It is indeed the logical–I would even say inevitable–- when killing becomes an acceptable answer to human suffering.

The same thing will happen here in the USA if the culture succumbs to euthanasia consciousness. You can say you don’t care, but you can’t say you weren’t warned.

Editor’s note. This appeared on Wesley’s blog.

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