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Virginia Ultrasounds and the Feverish Pro-Abortion Mind

by | Feb 11, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. We ran this a while back but it is particularly relevant today what with pro-abortionists in Virginia trying their best to repeal the state’s ultrasound law. (This post was written before the law passed in the Commonwealth.) We will have a story later today about the fight in the Virginia Senate.

Virginia State Senate chamber

Virginia Senate Chambers

What, you ask, is “synesthesia” and what in the world can it possibly have to do with the orchestrated hysteria against Virginia’s ultrasound law? Stay with me on this one, I think it’s revealing.

Let me explain what synesthesia is caused by first: an increased connectivity between areas of the brain that are normally separated. So what happens in this perceptual phenomenon is that “one sense kindles sensation in another,” as Lily Dayton explains in a piece she wrote for the Los Angeles Times.

Ordinarily this is harmless. The synesthete sees a number (say 5) and “the region of her brain that perceives colors is stimulated along with the region that processes numbers,” Dayton writes.

So, in one woman’s case, you mention the number five and “she’ll tell you that it’s red. She’ll also tell you that five is a mischievous, self-centered brat — like a kid throwing a temper tantrum at a party.” In other words the number five not only has a particular color it also has “an entire suite of personality traits.”

So it is with the unhinged ranting of pro-abortionists against a proposed Virginia law, which has already passed both houses, that would do nothing more than require that an ultrasound be performed prior to the performance of an abortion. [It went to Gov. Bob McDonnell who signed the bill into law.]

Now understand that almost all abortion clinics use ultrasounds for a host of reasons. But mention the word “ultrasound” and it triggers a portion of the brain that has little to do with thought. Thus a barrage of epithets. Not just the old reliable—ultrasounds are the work of the “patriarchy”—a newer addition—it’s the work of the Taliban–but ultrasounds are (I kid you not) “rape”!

Two quick things, although the brain of the pro-abortion synesthete will be too busy making other bizarre connections to pay any heed.

The instrument of this supposed “rape” is a vaginal transducer. The vast majority of abortionists use a vaginal transducer because it dates the pregnancy more accurately! This could be crucial if they are contemplating a RU486 chemical abortion since age of the baby is a key point in chemical abortion. Abortionists are only supposed to use RU486 through 63 days from the woman’s last menstrual period.

More to the point, nothing in the Virginia bill says anything about using
a vaginal transducer!

The militant pro-abortionist hears “transducer” and it triggers this imaginary enemy replete with “an entire suite of personality traits.” Ordinarily, no one tries to cure synesthesia, because it’s harmless.

In this case, I think we should make an exception.

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