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Alex Sink counts on electorate being as blind to the humanity of the unborn child as she is

by | Mar 6, 2014


By Rai Rojas

Runborn-baby-2“There are none so blind as those who will not see.” — John Heywood

For decades those of us in the pro-life movement have argued that the more a woman knows about her unborn baby the less likely she is to have an abortion. We’ve also asserted that if parents could see into the womb they would more readily chose life for their unborn child.

With the advent of ultrasound and the further refinement of that process into 3-D and 4-D ultrasound, mothers and fathers are getting that view. Modern technology really has afforded a window into the womb.

R220_week_ultrasound_3d-300x225Most of us have seen them – these ultrasounds. At one time or another we’ve had daughters, nieces, neighbors, and co-workers excitedly come at us waving these 4×6 images of their fully formed but still developing child.

There is no question, no doubt that these photographs of a human being developing in the womb are proof positive that they are having a baby. The ultrasounds are beautiful, awe-inspiring, and rich with detail.

Here are some examples of babies at 5 months, 6 months, and 7 months gestation:


R4another_smiling_unborn_babyThe science behind the babies’ exquisite development is equally impressive.

There is a great body of work that proves these babies, as young as 20 weeks gestation, are pain capable. They react to stimuli of all types and there is even growing scientific evidence that they dream. Who would deny that these beautifully formed children are anything but human and worthy of protection?

Alex Sink

Alex Sink

Alex Sink does.

Alex Sink is running for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional district in the hopes of replacing the late C.W. Bill Young – who at the time of his death in October of 2013, was the longest-serving member of Congress.

Ms. Sink, unlike Congressman Young, does not recognize the inherent human value in these babies.

Alex Sink opposes a ban on these late abortions. That’s right – she supports the painful dismemberment of these fully formed babies. She is an extremist ideologue blinded by the mythical concept of “choice.” She is endorsed and supported by some of the most radical pro-abortion elements in the country. From Emily’s List (an exclusively pro-abortion Political Action Committee for women) to Planned Parenthood’s political arm, whose president recently flippantly asserted that life began for her three children “when I delivered them.”

Look up at these babies in these ultrasounds – are they not alive? Are they not human? Alex Sink and the pro-abortion zealots who surround her would argue they are not. They believe that at any point–even after these babies become pain capable–that it should be legal to poison and rip them apart.

In a recent Time magazine news article, Ms. Sink claimed that her hope of victory lies with her ability of getting single women to vote for her. In that regard she invokes Roe v Wade at every speech she gives and at every rally she attends – well, when she’s not insulting the Latino community in her district (which is another story).

The media, and the abortion zealots, are banking that single women in Ms. Sink’s district will buy into the lie that these babies aren’t human and that they don’t feel pain. Tragically, some will. But clearly others will be made to see the obvious – they will see the lie promulgated by Ms. Sink and the abortion profiteers so vested in her campaign.

These are pain-capable human babies worthy of care and protection and Alex Sink is willfully blind to that fact. She would never be a representative to them because her abortion zealotry and extremism blinds her further still.

For these babies’ sake, let’s please hope the good people of southwest Florida keep her from going to Congress next week.

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