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Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 58: Mid-week Pro-life Outlook

by | Mar 13, 2014


By Rai Rojas

UnitednationsHQreUnited Nations Commission meetings are grand and fascinatingly elaborate proceedings with participants representing almost every nation on earth. It is a colorful spectacle because most of those attending don the attire native to their corner of the globe. Just this morning I stood in line behind a group of Kenyan women in their colorful concentric square headdresses perfectly matching their beautiful robes. They bring with them not just their national costumes but their nation’s principles as well – and thank God for that.

As with most UN meetings the first week is spent listening to country statements–which is what I am doing as I type this post. Member States are given 5 minutes apiece to give their remarks –keeping to this year’s theme to the full commission–and wouldn’t you know, almost all of the 189 nations take the opportunity to do so.

If delegations were to individually take the allotted five minutes these mini-speeches would be wrapped up in about 16 hours – but with rare exception they mostly all go over five, six and seven minutes each. So what happens is that much to the Chairman’s comical consternation, the agenda is deemed almost useless after just a few speakers.

But we sit through these statements because we never know when a country might inadvertently offer a change in their previously affirmed pro-life convictions. We must be at-the-ready to remind them immediately of their nation’s long-held legal support for the sanctity of all human life.

The Commission also offers many “side events” – these are panel discussions that take place simultaneously to the national speeches in other parts of the massive United Nations complex.

The schedule for the events is found on-line and is also posted on large screens throughout the UN buildings. We attend these because they sometimes provide useful information and insight into what those who promote and profit from abortion are planning.

However, as important as it is to be present during the country statements and side-events, those activities always comes second to meeting with delegations and Ambassadors. These are the much-appreciated opportunities we take to reassure the good people representing so many of the pro-life countries from around the world that we – in the vernacular of the day – have their back.

They know that we are eager to provide assistance, back-ground information, and to also report back to their Capitals of how great a job they’re doing during these often demanding and time-consuming meetings. And because deliberations and negotiations on the always important “Outcome Document” (which will offer conclusions from this meeting) begin this afternoon, our presence here is all the more important to so many delegations from countries with good, sound and protective pro-life laws.

We covet your prayers.

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