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Dear Abby, Abortion Has Everything to Do With Everybody

by | Mar 6, 2014


By Mary Margaret Callaghan

girlswalkingre“The fact that you aborted a child before your daughter’s birth has nothing to do with her.”

The above quote is Dear Abby’s response to a question put to her from a woman who was furious because she thought that her ex-husband told their daughter about the abortion they had many years before. From the tone of the woman’s letter, it’s obvious that pain and heartache remain many years after their “choice” to have a “safe, legal, and rare” abortion.

National Right to Life News opined correctly, “The story that the now ex-wife told about her former husband and her daughter illustrates again how abortion’s aftermath can go on and on and on—and that what was supposed to be ‘secret’ may not stay so for any number of reasons.”

The reality of it is that Dear Abby couldn’t be more wrong. The fact the woman aborted a child before her daughter’s birth has everything to do with her living daughter, and everything to do with herself, and the father, and the grandparents. The aftermath of abortion affects everyone. More and more men are coming forward, hurting and grieving from past abortions, in need of hope and healing. We are just starting to recognize the untold damage abortion has on the siblings of aborted children.

The Emmy Award winning television show, Facing Life Head On [], recently highlighted Lumina’s work with post abortive siblings. Perhaps Dear Abby needs to watch the video and rethink her answer.

Are you a post abortive sibling? There is hope. There is healing. Please contact Lumina at or call us us at 1-877-586-4621 or 1-718-881-8008

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