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How ironic. Pro-abortionists accuse pro-lifers of being “un-American”

by | Mar 7, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Ilyse Hogue

Ilyse Hogue

As we end the week, let me offer two illustrations (in separate) posts about our benighted opposition. This first one I was not going to write about at all—it’s so stupid—but on reflection it said so much about pro-abortionists—in this case NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue—that it practically forced my hand. [1]

The first instance of Hogue’s out-to-sea observations was at the organization’s 45th anniversary celebration in Washington, D.C. on February 4. The second took place at a March 4 San Francisco fundraiser.

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What was she saying? In the video blurb that Yoder includes from the February 4 speech, Hogue makes this intriguing remark:

Time after time after time they [that would be us] vote against these commonsense tools [“birth control and comprehensive sex education”]. Why? Because what they really care about is telling women and all people for that matter, that it’s their way or the highway, that there’s only one ‘right way’ for us to live our lives, and that they get to decide what that is. And that, my friends, is un-American. But we know, and guess what, they know too, that the American people are on our side.”

Let’s talk a few minutes and dissect this observation, remembering that while they are uttered in the context of self-congratulation, this is the mantra they utter time after time after time to the public.

#1. To make the most obvious point first, wouldn’t you say that in arguing that there is only “one way” to reduce abortions, isn’t NARAL saying it is “their way or the highway”? Of course. Geez.

#2. So, if the issue is public policy—which is ultimately the art of persuasion—some “way” will be adopted. That’s what we have legislatures for. Right now, because of the Roe decision as modified by Casey, abortion is legal essentially on demand in some states while others have enacted protective measures to ensure that women can make an informed choice. And speaking of “my way or the highway,” pro-abortionists will not budge an inch. They are deathly afraid women might jump off the train whose terminal is terminal for unborn children.

#3. Hogue says, “But we know, and guess what, they know too, that the American people are on our side.” Really? Do you and I know—in our heart of hearts—that the American people are on the side of the Abortion Industry?

Hogue is right about one thing: both sides do know which side a majority of the American people are closer to. She just gets it backwards. It’s us.

Looks at the polls (for example, “’Wide Divide over abortion’? Nearly 60% oppose all abortions or would allow them in only a few circumstances“). Look at recent elections. Look at the stream of pro-life legislation passed in state legislatures. Look at the support for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Look at how people self-identify as pro-life or pro-choice.

Try again, Ms. Hogue, only this time look at the facts.

[1]I am indebted to Katie Yoder, writing at, for alerting me to Hogue’s remarkable statements. You can watch the brief video at

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